20 days before today

Today is July 12th, 2024 (Friday), so 20 days before today would be:

June 22nd, 2024 (Saturday)

Time Zone: America/New_York (GMT-04:00)

• Day numbers: 174

• Week number: 25

• Leap year: 2024 is a leap year.

• Daylight Saving Time: Yes

• Sunrise time: 05:45 am

• Sunset time: 08:40 pm

• Day length: 14h 54m

• Source: suntoday.org

• Moon Phase: Waning Gibbous

• Illumination: 98%

• Moon Age: 15.72 day(s)

• Source: mooninfo.org

June 22nd, 2024 Holidays and National Days

June 22nd, in History

Nigeria’s former military ruler Gen. Olusegun Obasanjo and his chief deputy are charged with conspiracy to overthrow Gen. Sani Abacha’s military government.
Mark David Chapman pleads guilty to killing John Lennon.
The Soviet Union announces a partial withdrawal of its forces from Afghanistan.
Skylab astronauts splash down safely in the Pacific after a record 28 days in space.
President Richard Nixon signs the 26th amendment, lowering the voting age to 18.
The battle for Algiers begins as three buildings in The Casbah are blown up.
President Franklin Roosevelt signs the “GI Bill of Rights” to provide broad benefits for veterans of the war.
A Japanese submarine shells Fort Stevens at the mouth of the Columbia River.
Under the code-name Barbarossa, Germany invades the Soviet Union.
France and Germany sign an armistice at Compiegne, on terms dictated by the Nazis.
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