497 days from today

Today is March 21st, 2023 (Tuesday), so 497 days from today would be:

July 30th, 2024 (Tuesday)

Time Zone: America/New_York ((EDT), GMT-04:00)

• Day numbers: 212

• Week number: 31

• Leap year: 2024 is a leap year.

• Daylight Saving Time: Yes

• Sunrise time: 06:09 am

• Sunset time: 08:25 pm

• Day length: 14h 16m

• Source: suntoday.org

• Moon Phase: Waning Crescent

• Illumination: 20%

• Moon Age: 25.11 day(s)

• Source: mooninfo.org

July 30, 2024 Holidays and National Days

July 30 in History

Blackout in India as power grid failure leaves 300 million+ without power.
The last of the uniquely shaped “old style” Volkswagen Beetles rolls off the assembly line in Mexico.
Baseball Commissioner Fay Vincent forces George Steinbrenner to resign as principal partner of the New York Yankees.
King Hussein dissolves Jordan’s Parliament, surrenders Jordan’s claims to the West Bank to the Palestinian Liberation Organization.
Teamster leader Jimmy Hoffa disappears, last seen coming out of a restaurant in Bloomingfield Hills, Michigan.
General William Westmoreland claims that he is winning the war in Vietnam, but needs more men.
President Lyndon Johnson signs the Medicare Bill into law.
Over 60,000 Buddhists march in protest against the Diem government in South Vietnam.
A bombing lull ends the first phase of the Battle of Britain.
George Eastman demonstrates his color motion picture process.
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