684 days before today

Today is April 22nd, 2024 (Monday), so 684 days before today would be:

June 8th, 2022 (Wednesday)

Time Zone: America/New_York (GMT-04:00)

• Day numbers: 159

• Week number: 23

• Leap year: 2022 is not a leap year

• Daylight Saving Time: Yes

• Sunrise time: 05:45 am

• Sunset time: 08:34 pm

• Day length: 14h 49m

• Source: suntoday.org

• Moon Phase: Waxing Gibbous

• Illumination: 63%

• Moon Age: 8.69 day(s)

• Source: mooninfo.org

June 8th, 2022 Holidays and National Days

June 8th, in History

U.S. Air Force pilot Captain Scott O’Grady is rescued by U.S. Marines in Bosnia.
President Richard Nixon meets with President Thieu of South Vietnam to tell him 25,000 U.S. troops will pull out by August.
James Earl Ray, the alleged assassin of Martin Luther King, Jr., is captured at the London Airport.
Israeli airplanes attack the USS Liberty, a surveillance ship, in the Mediterranean, killing 34 Navy crewmen.
Gemini astronaut Gene Cernan attempts to become the first man to orbit the Earth untethered to a space capsule, but is unable to when he exhausts himself fitting into his rocket pack.
President Lyndon Johnson authorizes commanders in Vietnam to commit U.S. ground forces to combat.
The Supreme Court forbids segregated lunch counters in Washington, D.C.
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