728 days from today

Today is June 23rd, 2024 (Sunday), so 728 days from today would be:

June 21st, 2026 (Sunday)

Time Zone: America/New_York (GMT-04:00)

• Day numbers: 172

• Week number: 25

• Leap year: 2026 is not a leap year

• Daylight Saving Time: Yes

• Sunrise time: 05:45 am

• Sunset time: 08:40 pm

• Day length: 14h 54m

• Source: suntoday.org

• Moon Phase: Waxing Gibbous

• Illumination: 50%

• Moon Age: 7.43 day(s)

• Source: mooninfo.org

June 21, 2026 Holidays and National Days

June 21 in History

The U.S. Senate votes against the nomination of Dr. Henry W. Foster for Surgeon General.
John Hinckley Jr. is found not guilty by reason of insanity for attempting to assassinate President Ronald Reagan.
Three civil rights workers disappear in Meridian, Mississippi.
France announces it will withdraw from the NATO fleet in the North Atlantic.
A federal judge allows Little Rock, Arkansas to delay school integration.
Dr. Peter Goldmark demonstrates his “long-playing” record.
Japanese forces on Okinawa surrender to American troops.
German General Erwin Rommel captures the port city of Tobruk in North Africa.
Baseball legend Lou Gehrig is forced to quit baseball because of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis–a disease which wastes muscles.
Germans scuttle their own fleet at Scapa Flow, Scotland.
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