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August 14 in History

What happened on August 14 in history?

A chronological timetable of historical events that occurred on august 14 in history. Historical facts of the day in the areas of military, politics, science, music, sports, arts, entertainment and more. Discover what happened on august 14 in history.

First-ever Summer Youth Olympic Games open, in Singapore. Athletes must be 14–18 years old.
Four coordinated suicide bomb attacks in Yazidi towns near Mosul, Iraq, kill more than 400 people.
Shannon Faulkner becomes the first female cadet in the long history of South Carolina’s state military college, The Citadel. Her presence is met with intense resistance, reportedly including death threats, and she will leave the school a week later.
Mark McGwire hits his 49th home run of the season, setting the major league home run record for a rookie.
The United States ends the “secret” bombing of Cambodia.
British troops arrive in Northern Ireland in response to sectarian violence between Protestants and Roman Catholics.
Pakistan becomes an independent country.
Japan announces its unconditional surrender in World War II.
Dwight D. Eisenhower is named the Anglo-American commander for Operation Torch, the invasion of North Africa.
The Chinese Parliament declares war on the Central Powers.
The European allies enter Beijing, relieving their besieged legations from the Chinese Boxers.
Republican troops in France lay siege to the city of Lyons.
French commander Louis Montcalm takes Fort Oswego, New England, from the British.
The Popham expedition reaches the Sagadahoc River in present-day Maine and settles there.
Spanish explorer Tristan de Luna enters Pensacola Bay, Florida.
The first book ever printed is published by a German astrologer named Faust. He is thrown in jail while trying to sell books in Paris. Authorities concluded that all the identical books meant Faust had dealt with the devil.

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