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October 17 in History

What happened on October 17 in history?

A chronological timetable of historical events that occurred on october 17 in history. Historical facts of the day in the areas of military, politics, science, music, sports, arts, entertainment and more. Discover what happened on october 17 in history.

Taipei 101 is completed in Taipei, becoming the world’s tallest high-rise.
Rehavam Ze’evi, Israeli tourism minister and founder of the right-wing Moledet party, is assassinated by a member of the Popular Front of the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP); he was the first Israeli minister ever assassinated.
Dmitry Kholodov, a Russian journalist, is assassinated while investigating corruption in the armed forces; his murkier began a series of killings of journalists in Russia.
The worst earthquake in 82 years strikes San Francisco bay area minutes before the start of a World Series game there. The earthquake registers 6.9 on the Richter scale–67 are killed and damage is estimated at $10 billion.
Peace talks between Pathet Lao and Royal Lao government begin in Vietnam.
The nuclear power station Calder Hall is opened in Britain. Calder Hall is the first nuclear station to feed an appreciable amount of power into a civilian network.
The U.S. destroyer Kearny is damaged by a German U-boat torpedo off Iceland; 11 Americans are killed.
Due to rising anti-Semitism and anti-intellectualism in Hitler’s Germany, Albert Einstein immigrates to the United States. He makes his new home in Princeton, N.J.
Zeppelin LII explodes over London, killing 28.
Brigadier General Alfred Terry meets with Sitting Bull in Canada to discuss the Indians’ return to the United States.
General Ulysses S. Grant is named overall Union Commander of the West.
Composer and pianist Frederic Chopin dies in Paris of tuberculosis at the age of 39.
Napoleon Bonaparte arrives at the island of St. Helena in the South Atlantic, where he has been banished by the Allies.
British Maj. Gen. John Burgoyne surrenders 5,000 men at Saratoga, N.Y.
Maine and Plymouth are incorporated in Massachusetts.
Henry VIII of England strips Thomas Wolsey of his office for failing to secure an annulment of his marriage.
English forces defeat the Scots under David II during the Battle of Neville’s Cross, Scotland.
The Sixth Crusade ends when an Egyptian-Khwarezmian force almost annihilates the Frankish army at Gaza.