Clean Up Your Room Day

(Also known as National Clean Up Your Room Day)

Clean Up Your Room Day is observed next on Saturday, May 10th, 2025 (354 days from today).

How many days until Clean Up Your Room Day?


May 10th is Clean Your Room Day - an unofficial holiday that is bound to be any parent's or roommate's favorite holiday and perhaps every child's, teenager's and lazy person's nightmare.

In general, Clean up Your Room Day is a day parents look forward to and kids dread. Children cannot make excuses not to clean their room today! However, parents or other adults are not optimistic. This date also applies to them. This day can be considered part of the spring cleaning. It's a day of dusting, mopping floors and under beds, picking up misplaced things, and organizing.

History of Clean Up Your Room Day

Spring cleaning up is a practice in many cultures. It means people clean their homes thoroughly once a year on the first warm day in spring. This custom is said to date back to the days when people lit fires to keep warm during the cold winter months. The first warm day of spring allows people to open their windows and doors to remove all the soot and ash that accumulate during the winter.

Although Clean Your Room Day falls in late spring in the Northern Hemisphere and fall (fall) in the Southern Hemisphere, it's a good day to start dusting, scrubbing, and organizing. And who knows, you might just find the thing you've been looking for forever hiding in some dusty corner of your room.

However, compliance is not just aimed at children. It's also about picking, tidying, and cleaning the whole house. Adults value spring cleaning and house ventilation. They organize, deal with clutter, and rearrange. It's time to fix the broken parts and match the missing parts, such as with like. We deal with wardrobe clutter and donate or throw away things we no longer use. Help your child make the bed, tidy up the room, and get rid of the toys and clothes they've messed up with.

Daylight helps garages, shacks and cabinets see the light of day. The drawers, the wardrobe (we said it already) and under the bed are well organized. Do not forge to find ways to reuse items around the house. See old things in new ways:

  • Use an old towel bar on your chair and hang the S hooks to store your tools.
  • Broken wardrobes become bookshelves or storage under the bed.
  • How many ways can you reuse unused wine racks?
  • Store towels in the bathroom
  • Bring it to the crafting area for all the small tools, glue and yarn
  • Store water bottles and travel mugs
  • Tissue dispensers make great storage for plastic bags, but they also work well for used dryer sheets. Reuse dryer sheets to wipe washers and dryers to keep them dust-free and clean lint traps.
  • Use an old magazine rack to store cutting boards, baking trays, and other flat kitchen items.

Some reasons for Clean Up Your Room Day being important

  • Cleaning your room can make you become more comfortable

Having a housekeeping day allows you to put everything in a specific, organized place and can help you feel more relaxed because you will know where everything is. It is shown that cleaning your bed every morning can make it easier to keep up with other positive habits.

  • Cleaning can help you see how lucky you are

We often complain about not having enough. By cleaning the room clean on a designated day, you can find old clothes, shoes, toys or gadgets that you no longer use. These can be given as gifts, given to a home or to friends who can use them so they don't take up space or go to waste.

  • National Clean Your Room Day is a great day for procrastinators!

May 10th is a great day to catch up on any spring cleaning you may have put in. Clean Up Your Room Day can give you a deadline to live a life that minimizes dirt and clutter.

Celebrating Clean Up Your Room Day

  • Make sure your parents clean their room too

Children and teenagers are often the culprits of messy rooms, but some kids have messy parents. Even if they're not messy, it's always fun to see parents complaining about housework. You can even help your parents decide which of their old items they should throw away or donate!

  • Redecorate your room

If you think of cleaning as a boring chore, make a plan so you can redecorate your room when you clean it. Maybe you can rearrange furniture, add plants or posters, or you can decide if there's a theme you want for your room. Alternatively, you can encourage yourself to keep your room clean for a long time after May 10.

  • Celebrate cleanliness

After you're done cleaning, get out and celebrate your clean room. Hey, it's hard for some of us to stay organized and clean at all times, so pick something you'll use to treat yourself to when you're done. Maybe you can go to a nice restaurant, buy yourself something beautiful, or get a new accessory that can shine in your clean space.


Clean Up Your Room Day has been observed annually on May 10th.


Wednesday, May 10th, 2023

Friday, May 10th, 2024

Saturday, May 10th, 2025

Sunday, May 10th, 2026

Monday, May 10th, 2027

Also on Saturday, May 10th, 2025

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