Daisy Day

Daisy Day is observed next on Tuesday, January 28th, 2025 (249 days from today).

How many days until Daisy Day?


Wild daisies, also known as daisies, are small flowers that often grow wild, with white petals, radiating from the middle like spokes around a bright yellow pistil. Children often like to pick wild daisies to make bundles or string them. In the UK, daisies are also known as Baby's pet or Bairnwort which means children's flower.

Daisy Day is celebrated to show love and honor this simple but meaningful flower.


According to Roman mythology, this tiny flower originated from Belides, one of the goddesses who took care of the forests. One day, while Belides was dancing with her lover Ephigeus, she caught the eye of Vertumrus, the god of gardens. To protect her from this hunt, Flora, the queen of flowers, transformed her into a white chrysanthemum.

According to ancient Irish legend, white chrysanthemums are the souls of babies who died at birth. God scattered chrysanthemums all over the mountains and grasslands, all over the world to ease the sadness of those parents. The legend explains why daisy means chastity – innocence.

Many chrysanthemums are found on Egyptian ceramics as well as elsewhere throughout the Middle East. The Assyrians used chrysanthemum flowers to treat certain eye diseases. They also believe that, if you grind chamomile flowers and mix them with oil and then apply it to your hair, it will make your hair black and salt again.

In French, this chrysanthemum is called "Marguerite", which comes from the Greek word for "pearl". It is said that St. Louis engraved chrysanthemums with irises (fleur-de-lis) and crosses on his ring. This ring, according to the king, represents all that he holds dear: religion, France, and his wife, Marguerite.

There's an old English saying that spring hasn't come until you can put your feet on 12 daisies. They also believe that if you dream of chrysanthemums in spring or summer, it is good, but if it is in autumn or winter, it is a bad omen.

He loves me, he loves me not, he loves me… If a little girl closes her eyes and picks a bunch of wild daisies and counts them, the number of flowers in that bunch will be the number of years left before she gets married.

In Vietnam, there is a story about the legend of wild daisy which is very interesting and meaningful. The story goes that, back then, there was a poor family with two children living very peacefully in a small house. The hard-working mother takes care of her children. The son was young but very filial, obedient and hardworking. But then one day, the mother suddenly fell seriously ill. The son loves his mother very much, so even though his family is poor, he still tries to treat the best healers in the area.

One day, passing by a temple, I asked the abbot to pray for my mother's blessing. Heaven must cry, the earth must bow. Feeling so compassion for this son’s filial piety, the Buddha transformed into a monk, walked past the temple and gave the son a bright yellow flower and said : "I give you this flower, it is a symbol of life. It is a flower containing hope, a dream of mankind, a panacea to cure your mother's illness. But you must remember, every year a flower will lose a petal, how many flowers does this flower have how many years your mother can live."

The son thanks the Buddha and counts the petals. Very sad to know that the flower has only five petals, meaning that the mother will only live with her for another five years. Loving his mother so much, he risked tearing each petal until he could no longer count how many petals the flower had. The mother, thanks to that magic flower, lived a long time with her filial son. The golden flower with countless petals is a symbol of life, a lasting dream, and a desire to heal all human diseases. Later, people called it Chrysanthemum.

How to observe Daisy Day

There are many ways to celebrate Daisy Day. One of them, you can go to the flower shop, buy yourself a bouquet of Daisy flowers to put in the house. Their faint scent will definitely make you more comfortable. And their pure white color with golden pistil will surely brighten up your room. Alternatively, give these pristine bouquets to your loved one to show how much you love them. Besides, share pictures of your daisy petals, show your love for them on social media with the hashtag #DaisyDay.


Daisy Day has been observed annually on January 28th.


Saturday, January 28th, 2023

Sunday, January 28th, 2024

Tuesday, January 28th, 2025

Wednesday, January 28th, 2026

Thursday, January 28th, 2027



Also on Tuesday, January 28th, 2025

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