Goddess of Fertility Day

Goddess of Fertility Day is observed next on Tuesday, March 18th, 2025 (300 days from today).

How many days until Goddess of Fertility Day?


Goddess of Fertility Day is celebrated on March 18 every year. This is an occasion to celebrate Aphrodite and other fertility gods and goddesses. Aphrodite is a goddess of love, beauty, pleasure, and fertility.

Why Goddess of Fertility Day should be celebrated

Goddess of Fertility Day marks the holiday of the Goddess of Fertility, and for those trying to conceive, perhaps she can provide inspiration for your journey.

It is said that the ancient Greeks always calls Aphrodite, the goddess of fertility when they would like to pregnant. They will pray and make sacrifices in the hope of fixing their fertility problems. While at present we look for other means to improve our fertility, we should think back about this Greek.


In ancient times, Aphrodite was considered enchanting, sensual, and wonderfully feminine. Her beauty has inspired poetry, music and art. When we embrace the qualities of Aphrodite, we should pursue inner and outer beauty. Start with self-care. Identifying and following your true self-interest will allow you to make decisions that fit your true needs. If you crave beauty, head to Sephora to try a new lip color. Research shows that helping others to suffer less increases your own feelings of gratitude and happiness. By participating in random acts of kindness or giving back to your community, you can build self-satisfaction and enhance your sense of purpose. Help make the world a place where you want to raise a child.


When you are consumed by the challenges of your fertility journey, it is easy to lose sight of the joy of existing for the rest of your life. Experiencing sadness and disappointment is healthy, but you need to actively seek happiness and joy in life to avoid getting stuck in those emotions. Enjoy a delicious meal with your friends, or cycle around the park. These types of activities can have a big impact on your sense of well-being. Also, consider that it is the frequency, not the intensity, of positive experiences that builds resilience throughout your journey. This means that the more often you seek out pleasurable experiences, the better your ability to fight adversity and get through tough times.


The ancient Greeks sought help from the gods to bring them children. Throughout this journey, you will face dark, sometimes tumultuous emotions, but the greatest defense against these difficult feelings is narcissism. Be patient with yourself. Trauma expert Viktor Frankl observes that, "suffering is no longer suffering the moment it finds meaning." While it may be difficult to find value in your current circumstances, this constant search will allow you to discover your personal strengths and seek new possibilities for your future.

Love and cherish

The Greek gods such as Zeus, Venus, Celtic, Eostre and Ishtar were considered all powerful forces worshiped by their subjects as goddess norse and goddess of fertility. In this day and age, instead of turning your love outward, you can direct it inward and use it to enhance your relationship with yourself. Kindness is a skill where you must strengthen your self-compassion and understanding. You should nourish yourself when you are suffering and soothe yourself in the face of pain. Find ways to show your love, perhaps try writing yourself a love letter describing your favorite qualities.

To navigate this reproductive journey, you need the physical and emotional strength of a goddess, so keep an eye on your inner Greek-Roman Goddess Aphrodite.

History of Goddess of Fertility Day

The purpose of Goddess of Fertility Day is to honor fertility, life, and rebirth, and occurs a few days before the annual spring equinox. Fertility is the ability of reproducing, and sexual behavior, it depends on several factors such as nutrition, culture and economy. There are many goddesses of fertility. Perhaps the most famous goddess is Aphrodite, who is associated with love, beauty, pleasure, and fertility. Before the spring equinox in ancient times, people prayed and made offerings to Aphrodite, in the hope of starting a family. Some have called the day Ostara, which is the name of another fertility goddess. However, Ostara has a day of its own, occurring for only a few days on the vernal equinox.

Observing Goddess of Fertility Day

If you're considering starting a family or having more children, Goddess of Fertility Day is the day to focus on that. It's a day for a little sex. However, to be successful, sex really needs to be done at the right time of the menstrual cycle. The average cycle is 28 days long, usually ovulates around day 12 to day 14 of cycle. To increase your chances of conceiving, have sex on days 10 - 20 of this cycle. For women with a shorter menstrual cycle of 21-26 days, sex should be started on the 6th or 8th day. For women with a longer menstrual cycle from 30-36 days it should be start on the 12th or 14th.

A healthy body makes a healthy baby. If you are a woman hoping to conceive and get pregnant, you should eat healthy foods and cut out processed foods. If you smoke, drink alcohol or take drugs, it's time to quit. These can negatively affect pregnancy, and make it harder or harder to get pregnant. Being comfortable is also important when trying to conceive. A relaxed body will help increase the production of luteinizing hormone, which helps trigger ovulation. This hormone also maintains the embryo after it is implanted in the body.

If you do not want to conceive children, Goddess of Fertility Day can still be celebrated! It could be a day to start any new project you're looking to work on. It can also be the sowing date to start planting new plants. Even if it's too cold to grow outdoors, you can plant the seeds in some fertile soil in a pot, and move the seeds outdoors when it starts to warm up in the coming months.


Goddess of Fertility Day has been observed annually on March 18th.


Saturday, March 18th, 2023

Monday, March 18th, 2024

Tuesday, March 18th, 2025

Wednesday, March 18th, 2026

Thursday, March 18th, 2027

Also on Tuesday, March 18th, 2025

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