Inconvenience Yourself Day

Inconvenience Yourself Day is observed next on Wednesday, February 26th, 2025 (278 days from today).

How many days until Inconvenience Yourself Day?


It is strange how many people wish they were busy because of someone else's work. Indeed, keeping yourself busy for the sake of others seems to have many beneficial results. And Inconvenience Yourself Day is celebrated annually on February 26 of each year, celebrated to encourage people to spend time doing things that are convenient for others but not convenient for themselves.

History of Inconvenience Yourself Day

Inconvenience Yourself Day is known as a holiday founded by Julie Thompson of the Environmental Resources Network in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. With the aim of creating a start for encouraging people to acknowledge their appreciation to those around them. It's not just about causing inconvenience to yourself, it's about putting others first, helping, impacting their lives in a positive way. With the desire to promote respectful attitudes, considerate manners and a day of less inconvenience for everyone.

Observing Inconvenience Yourself Day

On Inconvenience Yourself Day, it makes sense to accept a little inconvenience for yourself to alleviate a little inconvenience of those around you. Don't just sit still, get out of bed, put on nice clothes, put on makeup and go out into the street. Maybe you will see neighbors trying to fix the fence around the house, come over with a smile and be willing to lend a hand. Or you meet some homeless people, have a nice chat with them, and give them a delicious meal, a delicious pizza. Or you can show kindness to strangers like giving up your seat on the bus for the elderly and children. When you're riding, you can give way to someone passing first, or give up your parking spot to a stranger. If someone is in the mood and wants someone to listen to them, allow them to inconvenience you, listen to their troubles to make them more comfortable.

Acknowledge an inconvenience for yourself so that everyone around is less inconvenient. Please share your Inconvenience Yourself Day, what you did to inconvenience yourself and less inconvenience to others on social media with the hashtag #InconvenienceYourselfDay


Inconvenience Yourself Day has been observed the fourth Wednesday in February.


Wednesday, February 22nd, 2023

Wednesday, February 28th, 2024

Wednesday, February 26th, 2025

Wednesday, February 25th, 2026

Wednesday, February 24th, 2027

Founded by

Julie Thompson in 2006

Also on Wednesday, February 26th, 2025