International Day of Forests

(Also known as World Forestry Day)

International Day of Forests is observed next on Friday, March 21st, 2025 (282 days from today).

How many days until International Day of Forests?


Forests are the lungs of the earth. Forests are extremely important in the balance of the ecosystem. However, it is a sad fact that the forest area is decreasing day by day because of human destruction as well as natural fluctuations. Therefore, the United Nations International has called on everyone to join hands to protect forests. And choose March 21 every year to celebrate the International Day of Forests. On International Day of Forest, the United Nations will launch activities on forest protection, countries will join hands to take measures to raise people's awareness about forest protection. International Day of Forest is an international activity day.

History of International Day of Forest

International Day of Forests (March 21), abbreviated as IDF (International Day of Forests), is an international day of action adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on November 28, 2012 in accordance with Resolution A/RES/67/200. The first International Day of Forests was held on March 21, 2013.

Every year, the amount of forest lost around the world is equivalent to the area of England, more than 13 million hectares (32 million acres). When the forest is lost, the plants and animals in that population also disappear. Forests contain 80% of all terrestrial biodiversity, and most importantly, forests play a role in absorbing CO2, returning O2 to the living world as well as reducing the greenhouse effect due to CO2 accumulation which is a contributing factor out global warming. Currently, forests cover more than 30% of the world's land area and contain more than 60,000 species of trees. Forests provide food, fiber, water and medicine to some of the world's 1.6 billion poorest people, including indigenous peoples with unique cultures. Keeping what remains is an urgent goal to protect our living environment.

Every year, to raise awareness of the importance of all types of forests and forest trees, for the benefit of present and future generations, there are many different events are held. On the International Day of Forests, related to forests and trees, countries are encouraged to make efforts to organize national and international activities besides local activities, such as tree planting campaigns. The Secretariat of the UN Forum on Forests, in collaboration with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, facilitates the implementation of such events in cooperation with governments, forest cooperation partners and international, regional and sub-regional organisations.

Forests play a particularly important role in life, production, environment and society, however, at present, the situation of deforestation and indiscriminate exploitation of forests is taking place blatantly and alarmingly. Many subjects forget about the long-term interests of society for their own immediate benefit. When the watershed reserve forests are gradually being cut down, it will cause natural disasters, droughts and floods to occur frequently, with more severe consequences, soil erosion, and direct impacts on citizen life. The forest ecosystem is destroyed, robbing the habitat of species, besides, the situation of forest fires also causes the forest area to be severely reduced.

Each citizen needs to raise awareness, expressed by a sense of action in forest protection, to actively plant forests, greening bare land and bare hills. Each country also needs to have appropriate strict punishment policies for those who intentionally destroy forests. Protecting forests is also protecting our lives, because the role of forests is extremely great. This is not a problem that can be solved in a day or two and it is not a personal problem, we all have to join hands for a good future.

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the world is losing 10 million hectares of forests every year (equivalent to the size of the island nation of Iceland). Forests store a large amount of carbon through the photosynthesis of trees, so when burning or cutting down trees, carbon is released into the atmosphere in the form of CO2 and greenhouse gases. The exploitation and burning of tropical forests and peatland forests account for about 10% of greenhouse gases generated by human activities, therefore, forest protection and restoration is an important activity to limit processing climate change.​

On International Day of Forests, the Secretariat of the United Nations Forum of Special Events celebrates the International Day of Forests with a theme each year. In 2016, the theme of international day of forest is "Forests and Water. Sustaining Life and Livelihoods". With this message, the International Day of Forests March 21, 2016 aims to raise awareness of the link between forests and water, and encourage countries to take responsibility for the implementation of the Agenda of the United Nations on Sustainable Development to 2030.

Or like in 2021, "Restoring forests: the path to economic recovery and happiness" is the theme throughout the International Forest Day. With the themes proposed by the United Nations, countries will have policies and programs to enhance people's responsibility to protect forests.

How to celebrate The International Day of Forest

On International Day Of Forest, take the time to raise awareness about forest protection. You can also participate in activities and contests on the topic of the United Nations offered at organizations in your country or around the world. Take for example the International Day of Forests Photo Contest. To help celebrate this day, you can share a photo of a tree that means happiness in your life to participate in the event. The photo contest was held on the occasion of the International Day of Forests organized by FAO. And on the International Day of Forests, an even more meaningful activity is that you and your young people plant trees together to cause forests and plant trees for the future. Share your activities on social media with the hashtag #InternationalDayOfForest with a positive message to spread a strong sense of protection to people around the world.


International Day of Forests has been observed annually on March 21st.


Tuesday, March 21st, 2023

Thursday, March 21st, 2024

Friday, March 21st, 2025

Saturday, March 21st, 2026

Sunday, March 21st, 2027

Also on Friday, March 21st, 2025

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