International Rescue Cat Day

International Rescue Cat Day is observed next on Sunday, March 2nd, 2025 (263 days from today).

How many days until International Rescue Cat Day?


International Rescue Cat Day is observed annually on March 2nd since 2019. It is a chance to have a new member by adopting a cat! There are a lot of cats out there just waiting for a home, so remember to rescue when you decide to adopt a new cat.

The first humane association was the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) founded in 1867, by Henry Bergh. Bergh founded the ASPCA with the belief that all animals should be treated with respect and respect and should be protected by law. Overall, the ASPCA plays an important role in animal rescue and adoption and towards better animal welfare laws.

Reasons why animal rescues/shelters are important

Animal rescuers play an important role in our community as they continually work to reunite pets with their owners, shelter those in need, and find new homes for affected animals lost without a own home.

Animal shelters and rescue activities also facilitate the overall health and welfare of animals in the community better, and they also help to deal with storm surges of unwanted animals by spay and neutering program.

Animal rescues and giving shelters also help us with loving connections and also an opportunity to study and mature by providing education about animals and care.

How does adoption/rescue make an impact?

By adopting or rescuing cats, you offer a number of benefits - here are the top eight reasons you should rescue animals:

1. You save a life.

All the animals at our shelter also need a second chance. Many animals have been lost, abandoned or abandoned. You are giving them the best chance to have a new life in a loving home.

2. You help break the cycle of overpopulation of pets.

It is impossible to have enough homes for all the animals that are born every year. Adoption from a shelter helps to weaken the cycle of overpopulation of pets. About 2 million animals in the United States die each year due to overpopulation.

3. You help prevent from cruelty in mass breeding facilities.

The country has thousands of commercial pet breeders and backyard breeders producing millions of animals for sale. Commonly known as puppy and kitten factories, these facilities regularly feed female animals that spend their lives in cages.

4. Take chance to adopt an adult animal.

Adult pets are great! Often they are home-trained and you don't have to deal with the "kitten phase" which means less youthful energy like biting, chewing, clawing, etc.

5. You get a lifetime resource with the shelter's staff and volunteers.

Shelter workers are a great resource to help you find information or other resources for your pet.

6. You adopt a well-groomed pet.

All animals when they are giving the shelter, they are received by experienced staff. They are vaccinated on arrival and undergo behavioral screening. (Please ask your Adoption Advisor for more details). Several vet partners always visit the shelters once a week to assist with healthcare issues and concerns.

7. You support a valued charity and community.

Every community in the United States is required to have an animal shelter. When you adopt an animal from a shelter, you are supporting a nonprofit organization, but you are also sending a message to others that there are animal care methods and resources to find animals more active and simpler. Shelters also improve communities by requiring adopted animals to be killed or neutered. This requirement overcomes the problems of overpopulation and the number of unwanted pets without homes.

8. You pay less.

Most adoption fees are a bit less than what you would pay a breeder.

History of International Rescue Cat Day

Cats are mammals with four legs, tails and claws that humans have domesticated as pets since ancient times, although they are descended from the African wildcat and they used to catch worms.

The first human historical record of cats can be found in the culture of the Ancient Egyptian Civilization. We all seem to associate cats with the Egyptians, because they worshiped and considered cats to be gods. Mafdet was the first known cat god and was considered a protector against snakes, scorpions and demons during the First Dynasty, so for them cats were not only gods but protectors. .

Then after the fall of the Egyptian Dynasty, Cats became popular everywhere! Cats are used for pest control by The Greeks and Romans. Besides, cats were originally owned by the wealthy in the East. But during the Middle Ages, in Europe, Cats were associated with superstition and were suspected of carrying diseases during the Black Death of 1348, which is why so many cats were killed in that era, and It was not until the 1600s that the cat's reputation began to recover.

In America, cats were part of the cargo on colonial ships to reduce pests and disease, so those cats came ashore and proliferated. Cats seem to be one of the pop icons in modern society these days - we have about half a billion of us. And, since 2002, thanks to the "International Fund for Animal Welfare", cats have had their own holiday!

International Rescue Cat Day is chosen to celebrate on March 2nd every year to increase awareness about cats and the necessity to protect them.

How to celebrate International Rescue Cat Day

If you are a big cat lover then you will want to participate in this day. There's a lot you can do from spoiling your cat with a new toy and fussing over feeding them delicious treats they'll appreciate. You can even donate to a local animal shelter.


International Rescue Cat Day has been observed annually on March 2nd.


Thursday, March 2nd, 2023

Saturday, March 2nd, 2024

Sunday, March 2nd, 2025

Monday, March 2nd, 2026

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2027

Founded by

Yorkshire Cat Rescue in 2018

Also on Sunday, March 2nd, 2025

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