International Waffle Day

(Also known as Waffle Day (Sweden))

International Waffle Day is observed next on Tuesday, March 25th, 2025 (276 days from today).

How many days until International Waffle Day?


International Waffle Day is annually observed on March 25th to commemorate waffles. A holiday best celebrated by eating waffles is our kind of holiday. No wonder that day became famous. It was originally celebrated in Sweden but now eager people around the world have embraced International Waffle Day. Plug in your waffle maker and enjoy some delicious treats.

History of International Waffle Day

Sweden, the country where International Waffle Day began and where it is simply known as Waffle Day. It occurs on the same day as the Annunciation, a celebration of the conception of Jesus, which occurs nine months before Christmas. In Swedish, Vårfrudagen means "Our Lady's Day", another name for the Feast of the Annunciation.

The predecessor to the waffle dates back more than 4,000 years when hot scones were cooked over hot stones and flipped so that both sides received heat. At some point during the Iron Age, heated iron plates, or grills were used. In both ancient Greece and the middle Ages, there were many kinds of this cake called oublies. The first known "waffle" recipe was made in the late fourteenth century, but it was only a nominal waffle, as it did not include leavening.

In 1725, the word “waffle” was first used in the England, and a lot of recipes spread over Britain and America. Many of these are based on earlier Dutch, French, Belgian and French recipes. Cornelius Swartwout was patented the waffle in 1869, however, it was not until the 1910s that the General Electric electric waffle iron was introduced. In the 1930s, waffle irons were standard kitchen appliances. In 1953, the Dorsa brothers produced frozen waffles, and changed to Eggo in 1955. A kind of the Belgian waffle became increasingly popular after being introduced at the city's 1964 World's Fair in New York. In Sweden, heart-shaped waffles are the most favorite ones and are enjoyed with jam, berries or cream. On International Waffles Day, people all over the world eat waffles in this or any other way.

Why International Waffle Day are loved

  • You can appreciate Swedish culture

Våffeldagen gives you the opportunity to celebrate Sweden and its traditions. International Waffle Day has brought a lot of meaning because of its Scandinavian history. These days commemorate her birth, her entry into heaven, motherhood of Jesus, her ministry, and others. These stories help you gain a deeper understanding of the country.

  • Variety is the spice of life

There are so many types of waffles to try.

  • Waffles bring people together

If they're good enough for Leslie Knope, they will be good enough for us. The funny vice president said that friends, waffles and work are the most important things in life. There is nothing like gathering together and enjoying a delicious, warm breakfast with loved ones with the main course being waffles.

How to Celebrate International Waffle Day

What a fun and easy day to enjoy! It's uncomplicated and absolutely delicious.

Waffles are an easy dish to make and a delicious treat to eat, so be sure to join the celebration. Consider the following ways to attract attention on this wonderful day:

Try waffles from different cultures

Go on a waffle adventure! Take this day to explore the multitude of flavors the world of waffles has to offer:

  • Eat American-style waffles topped with fried chicken or alternatively stacked and soaked in sugary maple syrup for breakfast. How about adding a slice or two of crispy bacon!
  • Enjoy a thicker Belgian Waffle or Liège Brussels and topped with confectioners’ sugar or topped with chocolate or cream. The dough can be mixed with egg whites, the waffles can be cooked with pearl sugar for extra richness and flavor.
  • A standard since the 1600s (and birthplace of this day) Swedish waffles are similar to other waffles but are made with a special iron that creates four heart shapes. They are served with some cream, fresh berries or berry juice.
  • Or travel east and sample a soft and sweet Hong Kong waffle with flavors of peanut butter or honeydew melon.
  • It'll be easy to whirl around about all the delicious options available when eating this delicious treat!

Get waffles at the restaurant

Various waffle restaurants offer special deals for an important event like Waffle Day! Check out local restaurants to see what they offer, such as:

  • Waffle House, located in 25 US states, often offers special deals or coupons for this day.
  • International House of Pancakes, with locations in the US, Canada, Ecuador, Mexico, Guatemala and Peru, offers the hugely popular Chicken and Waffles platter.
  • Huddle House, a chain across southern US states, has been known to offer Waffle Day deals that include a free portion of bacon or sausage with the purchase of waffles.
  • Check different waffle restaurants in nearby area.

Get creative with Waffle Iron

Waffle irons aren't necessarily just for boring, basic bakers! They can be used to make creative dishes as follows:

  • Place the cinnamon roll in the refrigerator, one in each of the four squares of the iron, cover and cook until done.
  • Use different colors of food coloring to turn ho-hum waffles into a delightful rainbow.
  • Pour cupcake batter into waffle iron and cook as usual. Once removed and allowed to cool, create a "bread" with whipped cream or canned cream.
  • Use normal waffle batter, but add bacon and eggs in the middle, top with more flour, and cook. A breakfast sandwich!

Using Waffles at the Fair of New York

A suitable food to eat on the going, Belgian waffles were officially launched to the American at the 1964 World's Fair in Syracuse, New York. Maurice and Rose Vermersch and their daughters, had made some different waffles from American ones that were crispy, spongy, and airy. This dish was an instant hit, and the family served an average of 2500 waffles a day!

These sweet snacks were originally called 'Brussels Waffles', as they were a popular feature in the Belgian capital. But the family quickly realized that most Americans didn't know where Brussels was, so they decided to use "Belgian Waffles" and the name stuck!


International Waffle Day has been observed annually on March 25th.


Saturday, March 25th, 2023

Monday, March 25th, 2024

Tuesday, March 25th, 2025

Wednesday, March 25th, 2026

Thursday, March 25th, 2027

Also on Tuesday, March 25th, 2025

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