Military Spouse Appreciation Day

(Also known as Military Spouses Day)

Military Spouse Appreciation Day is observed next on Friday, May 9th, 2025 (330 days from today).

How many days until Military Spouse Appreciation Day?


Military Spouses Appreciation Day is a day dedicated to all of us to pause to recognize the military spouses around us who have had the biggest influence on our lives and communities.

Want to let your neighboring military spouse know that you are there for them in case they might need anything? Military Spouse Appreciation Day is the perfect occasion to get in touch, show respect, and send a card or gift to these brave, wonderful people.

Everyone recognizes the honorable work of a soldier every day. In the news, we often hear about the ultimate sacrifices soldiers around the world have made to protect their countries from those who threaten innocent civilians.

We are always moved by these stories, our minds struggling to understand the immense courage, determination and heroism these individuals possess that have allowed them to give up their lives. so that we, the people, can continue to live safe lives, free from oppression and persecution.

However, it seems that we all often forget one of the most important things to these soldiers, and many times the only thing that keeps them going even in unbearable conditions.

Spouses of foreign invaders spend years supporting their husbands or wives, praying for them, constantly worrying for their safety, staying up late waiting for a sign of life.

It is these spouses who are forced to find a way to move on with their lives when their husband or wife is killed in one of these wars, leaving only the memories of them.

And even when a military friend's husband or wife finally comes home, the hardships aren't over, as up to 30% of veterans may have PTSD for years, with varying symptoms from nightmares and emotions to alcoholism or drug abuse.

Whatever your views on foreign policy, there is no doubt that the life of military spouses is fraught with sacrifice, a sacrifice that we should remember and be grateful for.

History of Military Spouse Appreciation Day

Along with the great strength and patriotism they possess, military spouses must endure frequent changes and unexpected developments in their lives. They prepare for the many unknowns of military life, often unable to plan more than a few days in advance. They hold the home front during deployments, training, and many other occasions while their husbands or wives serve their country. Depending on the length of service, they can travel many times and often around the world. Military spouses are also separated for months during intense deployments with limited contact or for training.

But they shoulder these responsibilities by taking care of and relying on their family. With each move, they find a new job, helping their children adjust to new schools and new friends. They learn about a new community and its culture. During their separation, they celebrated holidays at unusual times or held long-distance birthday parties. By supporting our service members and ensuring a safe home, our military is stronger and more prepared.

In 1984, President Ronald Reagan recognized the profound importance of the spouses' commitment to the readiness and well-being of service members with the Declaration of 5184, April 17, 1984. Congress officially designated the Day. Military Spousal Appreciation was part of National Military Appreciation Month 1999. Later, the Department of Defense standardized the date by declaring the Friday before Mother's Day every year as “Military Spouse Appreciation Day" to show appreciation for a spouse's sacrifices in the military.

How to celebrate Military Spouse Appreciation Day

As mentioned before, spending years worrying about a spouse's life profoundly affects a person's psychological and emotional well-being, so military spouses are sure to hit the ground running appreciate even the smallest signs of support from others. If you want, you can make a donation to one of the organizations dedicated to helping military spouses. You can also choose a more personal touch and help assemble and distribute gift packages to military spouses.

Sending a thank you card to a military spouse is a great choice. This gesture may not seem too grand, but it can be of great help to a lonely, anxious wife in the military.

Getting to know your military partner a little more personally can help you better understands what they might need or want while their other half is far away. For example, for less-than-stellar chefs, signing up for a home delivery service can help them have a plan B if their past isn't so good. Also, for wine lovers, a bottle of wine to enjoy while watching their favorite TV series can make their evening more fun!

For spouses who are still housekeepers at work, put your expertise to work! Whether you're a professional gardener or you know a thing or two about pipes, mixing up a messy garden or leaking sink is always appreciated.

Build essential bridges

While it's easy to forget, military spouses tend to lead different lives than most families. They move from place to place frequently, having to build personal relationships and friendships wherever they go right from the start after moving. They are often away from other family members and their lifelong friends.

Loneliness can be one of the scariest fears they can face! Worse still, finding a space in a new ubiquitous community can add to the pressure they're already under. Do not forget these struggles are complementary to children, pets, housekeeping, schooling and various odd jobs. They live busy lives.

Instead, celebrate the day by taking the first action and removing the daunting task of finding friends from their minds! Even if you're not the most outgoing person, National Military Spouse Appreciation Day is the perfect occasion to knock on the door and invite them to a movie, a spa day, or just a coffee or beer. . In addition to giving them the opportunity to confide and talk to someone, military partners can help them vent their fears and apprehensions toward their deployed mate within hours. And this can be very beneficial for their health!

Such a simple gesture can really improve their quality of life and happiness levels while in town. It's also a win-win situation! You can both enjoy the company of a new friend and spend time outside the house. Finally, it's a great way to let a neighboring military mate know that their efforts are understood, appreciated, and respected. However, they don't necessarily have to face the hardest times alone, as there's always someone there to talk to!

There are also lots of other little things you can do yourself to make life a little easier for your military spouse, such as offering to help mow the lawn or look after his or her kids every once in a while. It's up to you how you decide to celebrate Military Spouse Appreciation Day, it's important that you find ways to show the respect and compassion they deserve. Knowing a little more about that person can help you find the perfect gift for them. Start by inviting them out for coffee once in a while, they'll appreciate it!


Military Spouse Appreciation Day has been observed the Friday before Mother's Day.


Friday, May 12th, 2023

Friday, May 10th, 2024

Friday, May 9th, 2025

Friday, May 8th, 2026

Friday, May 7th, 2027

Also on Friday, May 9th, 2025

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