National Animal Crackers Day

National Animal Crackers Day is observed next on Friday, April 18th, 2025 (361 days from today).

How many days until National Animal Crackers Day?


National Animal Crackers Day on April 18th every year is to commemorate a childhood favorite.

Did you eat animal-shaped crackers when you were a kid? For many people, seeing the sweet animal-shaped cookies brings back so many childhood memories. Below, we'll reveal everything you need to know about National Animal Crackers Day!

History of National Animal Crackers Day

During a meaningful and joyful childhood of American, there were the appearances of animal crackers since the late 1800s, when they were first imported from England, where the animal crackers was invented. As popular animal cookie recipes arrived in America, independent bakers began crafting herds of animals to meet the growing demand.

The removing of animal biscuits out of the American shopping cart was well underway when Stauffer's Biscuit Company began commercial production of circus cookies according to their original recipe in 1871. A slightly sweet, crisp, cookie-like cookie was made of the unique baking process of Stauffer that dominated the burgeoning animal cracker category for years. Then, in 1902, a great competition arrived that transformed the animal biscuit industry forever.

In spite of not being the first company about animal crackers in the US, the National Biscuit Company, Nabisco, introduced their brand of animal biscuits packaged in little boxes that looked like P.T. Barnum's circus wagons; they quickly became the most popular brand of animal biscuits in America. Their ingenious train-circus themed packages were originally sold as Christmas tree decorations. Colorful boxes showing exotic animals in a circus carriage with a rope to hang from a tree made an immediate impression with children begging for boxes of animals with a rope. When all the animals were devoured in the box, kids would fill the circus boxes with treasures from their childhood, create surprise rewards, and market Barnum's Animals brand rewards.

One thing is for sure, all animal biscuits are created in a different way and despite the popularity and rapid growth of Nabisco's Barnum's Animals it has become a popular and reminiscent cookie. As a child, many people still love the taste of the original recipe, Animal Crackers by Stauffer. The difference in texture and flavor between the two brands is remarkable. Today, both brands of animal biscuits are still going strong to nowadays.

Stauffer's Biscuit Company still produces traditional animal crackers with the original recipe since 1871. Their aim was to make a crisp, layered cracker that was similar to a traditional English cookie and less sweet than a cookie.

Furthermore, an effective tactic of Nabisco in order to appeal to young children is to produce colorful, wildlife-themed small carton packaging. Nabisco's animal crackers are slightly sweeter and softer than crackers or cookies. Some fans of animal crackers believed that Nabisco's Barnum's Animal Crackers are animal crackers in fact, not crackers. In 1948, Barnum's Animals was changed into Barnum's Animal Crackers, which is considered as an unnecessary move in order to maintain the top of the category, as the product quickly gained popularity and continue to attract children.

Whether you prefer crackers or sweeter, softer cookies, we think the more animals in the parade, the merrier on National Animal Crackers Day. No one can make sure when animal crackers were first celebrated on their own special day on the calendar, but on National Animal Crackers Day people will spend time on introducing all about animals cookies in the parade.

Some truths about Animal Crackers

  • No Rabbits in Curly Top's Soup

In the 1935 film "Curly Top," lovable round-faced child movie star Shirley Temple sang about the animal crackers in her soup, which included monkeys and rabbits, let's repeat the loop. As far as you know, rabbits have never appeared in the animal crackers.

  • It's quite a menagerie

There are 37 different animals in the Nabisco Barnum's Animal Crackers box over the years. Nabisco's menagerie at present includes 19 different animals with the Koala, the last addition.

  • Stauffer's Has an 'Animal Identification Number'

For those of us who have a hard time distinguishing animals by cookie shape alone, can help - Stauffer's Biscuit Company has a "Biscuit Animal Identification" page on its website with photos of all different animals they are producing at present.

  • Holes in biscuits are not puncture wounds

According to the report of Stauffer's Biscuit Company, the small holes in their cookies are called 'dockers', which helps the cookies retain their animal shape.

  • The Circus Won't Come Back to Town

Nabisco discontinued the retro circus and train themed box in 2016 and replaced it with a new theme launched in 2018 under pressure from PETA, an animal activist group.

Why National Animal Crackers Day is loved

  • A satisfying snack in every bite

Animal Crackers are the quintessential snack. They have a reliably crunchy texture and aren't overly sweet but just sweet enough to please the sweet tooth.

  • For their sneaking ability

While “dunkability” might not be a word in the dictionary, we nonetheless love the original recipe animal crackers for their ease of eating. Animal-shaped cookies blend equally well in coffee, tea, milk, and even red wine. They absorb just enough liquid without getting soggy and falling off.

  • Nostalgic comfort food

It is certain that most people at least saw a parade of animal crackers on a plate or in an iconic circus-themed box when they were a child. Animal biscuits make us smile when reminded of our less complicated, simpler childhood days.

How to celebrate National Animal Crackers Day

Of course, the best way to celebrate National Animal Crackers Day is to eat some animal-shaped cookies. Head down to a nearby store and buy some animal-shaped cookies. You might even want to try making your own animal biscuits. There are a lot of online recipes for crackers; therefore, you can make a try if you are brave to do.

Moreover, you can commemorate National Animal Crackers Day by sharing some of these snacks with your friends or your colleagues. Why not buy multiple packs and share it with your closest and loved ones? If you and your childhood friends are in a well relationship, let enjoy a pack of animal crackers together to remind about a happy memories from when both of you were kids.

Did you know that you can even play games with your animal pretzels? If you do a quick search on the net, you will find that there are many different games that have been designed so that you can play them with your stuffed animal games. Of course, you'll need to have plenty of crackers on hand; you would want some for everyone to eat while playing and some for the game itself, right?

Might you want to make one cracker by yourself and bake some sweet treats that incorporate animal-shaped cookies? For example, why not make your own cookies and embellish them with animal-shaped cookies?


National Animal Crackers Day has been observed annually on April 18th.


Tuesday, April 18th, 2023

Thursday, April 18th, 2024

Friday, April 18th, 2025

Saturday, April 18th, 2026

Sunday, April 18th, 2027

Also on Friday, April 18th, 2025

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