National Big Wig Day

National Big Wig Day is observed next on Friday, January 31st, 2025 (227 days from today).

How many days until National Big Wig Day?


Making a small contribution to fundraising while raising awareness of a cause close to many hearts, National Big Wig Day on the last Friday of January gives everyone a chance to play an important role, the role of Big Wig.

National Big Wig Day is both an expression of our inner potential and an entertaining opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of others. To do this, we must let go of our hidden talents and unleash them without hesitation. Be bold and even a little courageous. Roll up your sleeves and bring a few friends as it always makes the journey more interesting and enjoyable. Whatever you do, carry the Big Wig with you. Because we all have an inside of even Big Wig and us needs to have fun!

Why National Big Wig Day?

Everyone needs a big wig and everyone plays the role of a big wig at some point in our lives. Big Wig Day is a celebration of the big wigs inside of us, to the potential we have inside and the probability that you play an active and influential role in the lives of others. . You can say it is a pleasure to be part of a fundraising event for causes you truly believe in. National Wig Day is a celebration of that positivity in each of us, which can make a positive change in the lives of others. No matter what kind of person you are, you continue to be a celebrity or rather Big Wig in your life and therefore a reason to celebrate yourself and others on Big Wig Day around the world.

Interesting facts about National Big Wig Day

On this National Big Wig Day, let us learn more about the Look Good Feel Better division of the American Cancer Society.

  • The Look Good Feel Better division/program was established in 1989 as a partnership between the American Cancer Society, the Professional Beauty Association, and the Personal Care Products Council
  • There is a workshop conducted for cancer patients in this program for two hours, which improves their grooming and gives them options to improve their appearance.
  • The workshop aims to provide them with solutions to mask the impact of treatment on their bodies and help patients regain their confidence.
  • A free cosmetic kit is given to each patient participating in this program for them to learn the techniques and take it with them.
  • A free individual consultation is also offered to patients who are unable to participate in-group workshops.
  • Since the program's inception, more than 1 million people undergoing cancer treatment have benefited from the program.
  • They have online and virtual support systems and services as well to help patients who cannot be reached in a physical forum.
  • There are thousands of volunteers help cancer patients get their way.

History of National Big Wig Day

On January 2, 2016, Patty Sharkey, feeling depressed after the holidays, posted a "wig" selfie on Facebook. She captioned the post with the joke, "Happy National Big Wig Day!" The post was simply a response to her mood, nothing more. The jubilant reactions she received were not only surprising but also a delight. This moment was the inspiration for what would become an attempt to assert oneself. Partnerships with charities such as The United Way, Desert Cancer Foundation, Hospitality House and the Look Good Feel Good department. The Big Wig team wants people with a low sense of self-worth to embrace their great side and discover their worth.

Wig History

Wigs have become fashionable in celebrity culture today, but their history goes back centuries. In ancient Egypt, people would shave their heads and wear wigs to protect their scalps from harsh sunlight or lice. Europeans of the 16th and 18th centuries considered wigs as a means of combating the widespread baldness caused by the syphilis epidemic, then decorated them after King Louis XIV appropriated the headgear. Wigs were invented to distinguish social status among the upper-class folk of the 18th century. This fad was phased out around the time of the French and American Revolutions with a sense of hatred towards the upper class. The aristocracy filled the air. The 20th century saw the popularity of wigs with women with cost-effective synthetic wigs and wigs that could be styled naturally. Nowadays, wigs are suitable for many occasions: celebrity glamor, cosplay makeup or Halloween costumes. Flexible and magnetic, the wig represents an individual's identity and personality.

How to Celebrate the National Big Wig Day

National Big Wig Day is not only a day to honor those who have made a positive impact, but also a day for you to make a positive impact. On National Big Wig Day, a Big Wig is named every year in honor of the person who performs the celebration. Founder Sharkey nominates Big Wig and you can join this amazing festival for as little as $1.

Throw your wildest party with the silliest wigs and raise money to donate to the American Cancer Society department on this day. The idea is not to donate too much but just donate about $1 from each person in the event and collect it all together for charity. As you celebrate this special day, you can post your celebrations by using hashtag with #NationalBigWigDay on your social media accounts and other online forums.

You can also follow the National Wig Day official page on various social media platforms to share details about fundraising events you have organized with Patricia and others.


National Big Wig Day has been observed the last Friday in January.


Friday, January 27th, 2023

Friday, January 26th, 2024

Friday, January 31st, 2025

Friday, January 30th, 2026

Friday, January 29th, 2027

Founded by

Patty Sharkey on January 2nd, 2016

Also on Friday, January 31st, 2025

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