National Escargot Day

National Escargot Day is observed next on Wednesday, May 24th, 2023 (54 days from today).

How many days until National Escargot Day?


National Escargot Day is an ideal opportunity to honor the famous French dish of cooked land snails.

National Escargot Day is celebrated every year on May 24th and it celebrates delicious French appetizers. Snails are commonly eaten in France and they are called by the French word 'escargot.' They are super expensive and are prepared with butter and garlic, and served in their shells. The French consume a lot of snails every year.

History of National Escargot Day

No one really knows who was the creator of National Escargot Day. But hey, there can never be too many happy eating holidays, right? International Escargot Day celebrates the delicious edible snail, known as 'escargot' in France. The origin of this dish dates back to ancient Rome with archaeological evidence showing signs of human consumption. It is believed that the Romans gave snails wine and barley to make them more palatable and considered it a delicacy fit for emperors.

However, it is not possible to eat all species of snails and many species are too small to cook and consume. Other factors also are considered such as the taste of different species. In France, the most consumed species is Helix pomatia. Escargot is not eaten globally but in some countries such as France, Spain and Portugal, it is often enjoyed as an appetizer.

These gastropods are grilled in their shells. A metal tongs attached to it are used to remove the meat from the shell to be eaten. In France, one can also buy these snails in cans along with an empty shell of snails and a special dimpled plate for serving. Believe it or not, but edible snails are actually pretty good for you because they're high in protein, low in fat, and packed with potassium, vitamin E, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, copper, and selenium.

Over the years, this dish has grown in popularity with edible snails achieving huge sales, and it's no wonder the day is celebrated with great enthusiasm.

Why National Escargot Day?

Escargot is the French word for snail and this dish is one of the best appetizers in French cuisine. Made with butter and garlic and served in their shells, these snails are the tastiest and pricey. It's no secret that the French love their snails based on how much they consume them. The fact that these are unpopular around the world makes them unique and incredibly delicious. Eating escargot requires you to have a taste for these snails. This day gives you a reason to explore this dish and broaden your palate.

Not only delicious, but these snails are also very healthy. This dish has loads of vitamins, nutrients, minerals and proteins. Most importantly, it's a food anniversary and it's a holiday to enjoy good food. You don't need any other reason to enjoy this day other than the fact that it's a great dish to dine in.

Some truths about Escargot

  • Helicopter

Snail farming is the science of raising snails, especially to eat them.

  • Snail's diet

The snails that are raised on farms to eat are fed grain.

  • The French eat a lot of snails

The French consume about 40,000 tons of snails every year.

  • Sell restaurant

Restaurants in the US serve about a billion snails annually.

  • They can be drugs

Some research suggests that snail slime can be used to treat stomach ulcers.

Interesting facts about National Escargot Day

  • The art of raising snails, with the sole purpose of eating, is called Snail Farming.
  • The diet of snails raised on farms, for use as a food commodity, involves ground grain. This ensures that you have a healthy diet when you consume them later.
  • Escargot is a French dish and as you know the French love their snails. Events also point in the same direction. According to studies, nearly 40,000 tons of snails are consumed by the French every year.
  • In the US alone, nearly 1 billion snails are served across restaurants each year.
  • There are studies showing that snail slime can be used for medicinal purposes such as curing stomach ulcers. Mucus from garden snails is used to treat skin problems such as scars, spots, and wrinkles.
  • Snails do not have a backbone and they usually withdraw into their shells whenever they are threatened.
  • Escargot is not only the name of a dish, it is also the French word for edible snails. There is no difference between white caviar and snail eggs and is consumed a lot in different regions.
  • The belief that snail mucus can spoil garden food is not true.
  • While snails have eyes to see, they don't have ears to hear. They are also nocturnal.
  • The surprising thing is that snails can easily die if you put salt in them because their bodies are not able to process it.

How to celebrate National Escargot Day

  • Make escargot

It's time to hone your chef skills on International Escargot Day by making your own escargot. It does not require too many ingredients and is quite easy to make. You can look up some recipes and make this fancy French dish.

  • Go out to stay away

If you've never tried Escargot, International Escargot Day is a great time to treat your taste buds with this delicacy. You can go to any French restaurant, order a plate and enjoy. Bon Appetite!

  • Learn how to eat escargot

While escargots are easy to prepare, they can be frustrating to eat. Go to a French restaurant with someone who has eaten escargots before and learn how to eat this delicious appetizer.


National Escargot Day has been observed annually on May 24th.


Monday, May 24th, 2021

Tuesday, May 24th, 2022

Wednesday, May 24th, 2023

Friday, May 24th, 2024

Saturday, May 24th, 2025

Also on Wednesday, May 24th, 2023

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