National Flower Day

National Flower Day is observed next on Friday, March 21st, 2025 (306 days from today).

How many days until National Flower Day?


Flowers are a symbol of beauty, the most quintessential things in the world. At any time, flowers always hold a special place in life and in the hearts of everyone, especially those who love romance. And how wonderful it is to have a day dedicated to celebrating the beauty and unforgettable scent of flowers. National Flower Day is celebrated every year on March 21, which is a very suitable day for everyone to give flowers to their loved ones or choose to plant flowers for their home to add color. Flowers are revered by everyone for their beauty and scent. They are associated with romance, medicine, ritual and religion, and are even used as a food source. Therefore, National Flower Day is more welcome than ever.

History of National Flower Day

It is not natural that flowers are loved and revered in all countries and territories. Not every country has its own national flower that carries the meaning and symbolism of the entire people. Each flower has its own meaning, giving people moments of enjoyment next to flowers.

However, National Flower Day has not yet recognized its origin and history. The founder of National Flower Day is still in question. As well as the reason why March 21 was chosen as the national flower day, is it not because this day is a sign of spring, of the proliferation of flowers.

Done, on National Flower Day, usually everyone wants to understand more about the meaning of flowers in the world. They bring a sense of relief to all.

Each flower has its own meaning, especially the national flower of each country. Such as:

Red rose: love and romance.

Not only do red roses carry more meaning than other roses, red roses are a universal symbol. Roses are ubiquitous in art, poetry, and media today. They appear throughout history, across cultures as political and religious symbols. The mystery of the red rose has always been loved by everyone and  has become an inspiration for generations. However, the rose - a symbol of love and romance is what we most easily notice.

However, their meaning takes us back to centuries past. Their red color is used implicitly to express deep feelings. In Greek mythology, the color red is often closely associated with the love of God. In many ancient flower cultures, people used roses to decorate weddings and wedding dresses. From the above reason, the rose became popular as a symbol of love and loyalty. There is also a tradition of giving roses to show affection, gradually becoming the natural choice for conveying the strongest love message. That tradition continues to this day.

Red roses are the simplest way to say "I love you". With a budding relationship, a bouquet of red roses is a sign of the beginning of a romantic love. Roses help you send a message of conviction and an invitation to love one step closer. And sometimes a single rose is the emotional answer. Whatever the occasion, roses are hard to turn someone down!

Or Edelweiss - National Flower of Switzerland

Switzerland is not only romantic by its clear blue lakes, beautiful carpets of yellow-leaf trees, and snow-covered mountains… This country is also famous for a flower called Edelweiss - a flower representing a love undying love was chosen by Switzerland as its national flower.

Edelweiss is a small white flower with yellow stamens that grows high in the cold, snowy parts of Europe. The scientific name is Leonpodium alpinum of the sunflower family. Especially in winter, the trees and plants are submerged in snow, but when the snow has just melted on the ground, the branches rise up and the flowers appear white in a mountainous area at an altitude of over 2000m above sea level.

According to legend, boys often prove their love by climbing the cliffs of the Alps in search of this flower for the girl they love. Overcoming the craggy mountains and cold weather, the sons with strong love have devoted their whole heart to the lover of this beautiful Edelweiss flower.

Today, Edelweiss is a flower that symbolizes nobility, love, courage, strength and dedication.

There are many other flowers that have their own meanings. And National Flower Day is a great opportunity to learn as well as listen to legends about flowers.

How to celebrate National Flower Day

On National Flower Day, you can do many things to celebrate flowers. Such as:

You can choose beautiful flower bouquets with their meanings and Send or give to someone. You can also plant a flower bed in your garden and wait until they bloom to make your garden colorful. But, remember to check out when the best time to plant flowers is and the sun and soil needs of many flowers, as well as the areas where they grow best.

Also, love yourself, and give flowers to yourself by placing flower pots in your home or workplace. Surely flowers will make your mood better, a day with you will be more wonderful.

Besides flowers for decoration, there are many edible flowers, such as cauliflower, let's do something with edible flowers.

And most of all, there are so many legends about flowers, take your time Learn interesting facts about flowers. Surely you will be captivated by those special stories.

There are a lot of products out there like lotions, soaps, shower gels extracted from flowers, buy yourself the right one and the ball can be bathed in lavender or filled with the scent of roses and jasmine in your house.

Plus, if you're into art, you can check out famous floral artworks like Van 'Gogh's Sunflowers or Monet's Water Lilies. After being inspired by those artists, you can make your own flower arrangement art. Why not do the same while sipping some jasmine tea?

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National Flower Day has been observed annually on March 21st.


Tuesday, March 21st, 2023

Thursday, March 21st, 2024

Friday, March 21st, 2025

Saturday, March 21st, 2026

Sunday, March 21st, 2027

Also on Friday, March 21st, 2025

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