National Freedom to Marry Day

National Freedom to Marry Day is observed next on Wednesday, February 12th, 2025 (210 days from today).

How many days until National Freedom to Marry Day?


National Freedom to Marry Day is observed annually on February 12th since 1998. Since 1999, this unofficial holiday has fought for love and promoted equal rights in marriage for the LGBTQ community. The cause has come a long way, but the issue of normalizing same-sex marriage is not over yet. Although more and more countries allow a modified form of marriage between same-sex couples, an absolute marriage union between all LGBTQ couples should be completely acceptable.

History of National Freedom to Marry Day

Created by Lambda Legal and numerous other gay and lesbian advocacy groups, Freedom to Marry Day's founding date has specific intentions. As the birthday of Abraham Lincoln, the President of the United States who abolished slavery, it makes sense for February 12 to become the host for the civil rights campaign holiday. Lambda Legal is a non-profit organization whose mission is to seek full citizenship recognition for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and HIV positive people. Founded in 1973, they are the oldest and largest national legal organization to do so. Evan Wolfson, head of Lambda's Marriage Project, a lawyer and gay rights activist, is also the founder and president of the Freedom to Marry movement. Freedom to Marry is a fight and win campaign for gay/lesbian marriage rights in the United States. Evans is considered the architect of the nationwide movement that led to the decision of the US Supreme Court on June 26, 2015, to end marriage discrimination against same-sex couples. Although the Freedom to marry campaign, as their website puts it, "discontinued" following the Court's ruling, the group did so as completion, not resignation. As Evans said in a celebratory speech on July 9, 2015, “The Freedom to Marry Campaign is over, but the work for our movement that of our country, is not done yet. And at the peak of our lives, we all have to commit that it won't stop here. "

Why choose to celebrate National Freedom to Marry Day on February 12?

Two words: equality and love. Abraham Lincoln's birthday is a time to think about equality; Valentine's Day is a time to think about love. In other words, there is no better day to mark the importance of ending sexism in marriage and allowing lesbian and gay couples to share in the celebration, rights and responsibilities of civil marriage.

A decision by the Hawaii Supreme Court on marriage for lesbian and gay couples is expected soon, with national consequences. Without a discussion between gay and non-gay America, this tremendous opportunity for greater freedom and equality could be lost or significantly delayed.

“Choosing who and how to marry is one of the most important personal decisions,” said Evan Wolfson, head of Lambda's Marriage Project. "It belongs to couples in love, not politicians or governments. National Freedom to Marry Day is an opportunity to help people understand the hardships and injustices caused by denying the Right to Freedom to marry of lesbian and gay couples. Working towards National Marriage Freedom Day celebrations on February 12 gives us the opportunity to focus on winning more allies."


Many events on National Freedom to Marry Day will revolve around the Marriage Resolution, a proclamation advocating for marriage equality endorsed by hundreds of prominent organizations, clergy and individuals.

In addition to revealing the names of new allies and introducing couples and families for whom Freedom to Marry is of urgent importance, organizers are asking allies across the country to participate in the program favor by "Button Binding".

"Tying the knot" would include knotted ribbons around trees, light poles, buildings, door handles, and car antennas. Individuals were asked to tie a knot around their ring finger or arm, or wear a button on their lapel.

Kevin M. Cathcart, managing director at Lambda, said: “Everybody 'Ties the Knot,' on February 12th will start conversations. When someone asks what the ribbon stands for, each of us can explain: it represents support for Freedom to marry, equality for lesbians and gays, and love."

Cathcart added: “We asked people to think about the important relationships in their lives."That's what the knot represents. By refusing to recognize those relationships, the state imposes terrible risks on lesbian and gay couples and families - in fact , often severing those relationships Whether it involves hospital visits, parenting, immigration or other legal securities, lesbian and gay couples and families need the basic right to the survival of the family that everyone else may enjoy."

How to celebrate National Freedom to Marry Day

Before the U.S. Supreme Court declared same-sex marriage a constitutionally protected right, support for free marriage on Freedom to Marry Day was represented by “Binding the Buttons.” One would take a ribbon and tie it around trees, lampposts, on buildings, doorknobs, and car antennas. People can also tie a knot around their ring finger or arm, or wear a button on their lapel. The symbolic knot in support of same-sex marriage equality. Even though the campaign has ended, you can still donate or volunteer your time to gay/human rights organizations and campaigns. Research advocacy groups near you and see what they say. There are still parts to play. Do what you can to your play.


National Freedom to Marry Day has been observed annually on February 12th.


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