National German Chocolate Cake Day

National German Chocolate Cake Day is observed next on Wednesday, June 11th, 2025 (364 days from today).

How many days until National German Chocolate Cake Day?


National German Chocolate Cake Day celebrates a cake with American roots on June 11th.

Doesn't everyone love chocolate? How about a chocolate cake?

Surely, there are many people who believe that there is nothing in this world that is not made better when it comes in the form of a cake! If that's the case, then this is the perfect opportunity to do it right by indulging in a delicious whipped cream cake that melts in your mouth.

A combination of rich chocolate cake blended with fruit and covered with a layer of cream that makes one want to cry just looking at it: this is the masterpiece that is the German Chocolate Cake.

While there are certainly many ways to enjoy chocolate, the German Chocolate Cake is a baking masterpiece and has been around since its invention.

National German Chocolate Cake Day is the perfect excuse to learn to cherish and enjoy this delicious dessert!

History of National German Chocolate Cake Day

German Chocolate Cake - the delicious, tempting and sweet dessert we all think is German! This dish is defined by rich layers of chocolate cake, held together with a coconut pecan coating and often topped with maraschino cherries. While many Americans think German chocolate originated in Germany, you'd be hard-pressed to find a German who knows about it.

Sam German, an English-American chocolatier for the Baker's Chocolate Company, first created his distinctive dark baked chocolate in 1852. In his honor, the Baker's Chocolate Company took the creation after him, naming it 'Baker's German's Sweet Chocolate. 'This sets the stage for the culinary invention of German chocolate cake, and explains the confusion over the origin!

The real German chocolate cake didn't come out until about a century later, in 1957. In Dallas, Texas, housewife George Clay submitted her cake recipe to be introduced as "The Recipe of the Germans." on "Dallas Morning News". She called it 'German Chocolate Cake' after the baking chocolate she used. However, over time, the letter’s’ was dropped from the formula.

Unsurprisingly, this recipe has been a success, mostly by word of mouth. Baker's Chocolate sales are reported to have grown 73% in a year as bakers scramble to make more German chocolate cakes. The owner of the Baker's brand, General Foods, began distributing the recipe to other bakers across the country. Today, many baking companies are still making desserts in decline!

Some facts about German Chocolate cake

  • German-American or British?

Depending on people you ask, the ancestors of the German chocolate cake Sam German were either American or British.

  • It used to be the German Chocolate Cake

Originally named for the creator of baked chocolate, 'German's Chocolate Cake' has gradually lost its’s’ since its invention in the 1950s.

  • It's more complicated than average

While regular sponge cake can be simple to make, German chocolate requires eggs to be specially separated and beaten - the process is much more intense!

  • The Germans don't even know it!

If you order a German chocolate cake in Germany, you'll likely be served little more than a stare - an American invention throughout time, German chocolate cake is not famous anywhere outside of this country.

  • It took off in Dallas

German chocolate cake isn't just American, it's Texan's - the German chocolate cake recipe was a Texas housewife's original concoction.

Why celebrate National German Chocolate Cake Day?

The following are the main reasons why you should celebrate National German Chocolate Cake Day.

  • It's very good

Perhaps the main reason why you should celebrate this holiday is that the German Chocolate Cake is a very delicious cake. Even if it's high in carbs, this day gives you a reason to indulge in this sweet and delicious treat.

  • It can be shared

German chocolate is usually served as a whole cake. So you can share your slices of cake with others, such as your friends and family, and all of you can enjoy this delightful dessert while chatting with each other.

Celebrating National German Chocolate Cake Day

  • Let them eat the cake!

The best way to celebrate Germany's National Chocolate Cake Day is to eat German chocolate cake! For those whose friends and family are fans of chocolate, cherries, and coconuts, it's time to introduce them to this incredible creation.

  • Make a German Chocolate Cake

While it's not too difficult, the German Chocolate Cake has a few steps you need to follow to make it perfectly delicious! The ingredients of the cake include typical chocolate cakes such as butter, chocolate semicircular powder, flour, cocoa powder, baking soda, salt, sugar, eggs, vanilla and milk.

But the more important part of the cake that makes it especially delicious is the topping! This dish is made with evaporated milk, sugar, eggs, butter and vanilla. Of course, the most important flavors in the dessert are grated coconut and chopped pecans.

Make three layers of cake; place the frosting in the center and top, then serve to friends and family who are likely to absolutely love it!

  • Try to make German Chocolate Cake with other recipes

For people who do not want to make an entire cake, let try out these recipes and incorporate the flavors and ideas, without actually needing to bake a cake:

  • German Chocolate Milkshake. Put the chocolate cream, milk, shredded coconut, pecans, caramel sauce and some chocolate cake pieces in a blender and blend into a shake!
  • German Chocolate Brownies. Use a regular pan of chocolate almonds (from scratch or from store-bought bakeries). Top with a can of caramelized coconut, or make from scratch. Decorate with pecans.
  • German Chocolate Cookies. Make a batch of standard chocolate chip cookies (to make it easier, use a canned mix) and freeze with a can of caramel-covered coconut. Rub caramel syrup on top and add whole pecans on top of each cookie.
  • Spread about the origins of German chocolate cake

For years, people have enjoyed this creation while being wrong about its origins, so this would be a great time to help raise awareness that German Chocolate Cake was invented by Samuel German.

In a world where German Chocolate Cake has nothing to do with Germany, it is important to make these things clear to as many people as possible. Let the truth be known and spread National German Chocolate Cake Day to celebrate at the same time!


National German Chocolate Cake Day has been observed annually on June 11th.


Sunday, June 11th, 2023

Tuesday, June 11th, 2024

Wednesday, June 11th, 2025

Thursday, June 11th, 2026

Friday, June 11th, 2027

Also on Wednesday, June 11th, 2025

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