National Herb and Spice Day

National Herb and Spice Day is observed next on Saturday, June 10th, 2023 (194 days from today).

How many days until National Herb and Spice Day?


National Herb and Spice Day recognizes the diversity and quality offered by using both fresh and dried herbs and spices in your cooking.

National Herb and Spice Day falls on June 10th each year and celebrates the world's diversity when it comes to these often-teen-age flavors, yet it brings one punch! After all, what would food be without the herbs and spices that make every dish unique? Since herbs and spices are essential ingredients in cooking, it makes complete sense that they are recognized one day for their contribution to humanity and its culinary journey to the present. Furthermore, the great thing about many herbs is that they can be grown fresh in your own garden or on your kitchen counter, and what better than eating your own homegrown produce? There are many ways that herbs and spices make our lives better, so let's list some of them.

History of National Herb and Spice Day

People have been using herbs and spices to flavor their dishes probably since recorded history. Some early opinions surmised that hunters would use the leaves to wrap their meat, and discovered by chance that the leaves gave the meat a certain kind of flavor.

Over time, more and more plants have been discovered to have aroma and taste, as well as often other beneficial properties. The spice is discovered when the roots, leaves or other parts of the plant are dried, then ground and used in cooking. Spices have also been used medicinally throughout human history.

The ancient Egyptians are credited with using cinnamon, poppies, and mint, while some early Chinese influences also refer to the use of cinnamon (cassia), nutmeg, cloves, and more other spices. According to Ancient Mesopotamian sources, thyme, sesame, cardamom and coriander were very important.

Throughout history, spices have been considered a valuable commodity and have even been used as currency for some time. Sometimes, nutmeg was worthier than its weight in gold. Cloves were often given as bonuses to shipbuilders in London. And pepper was demanded as a ransom during the occupation of Rome in 410 AD.

Beginning in 130 BC, the "Silk Road", was an important route for spice traders to bring their wares from the East to the West, especially between Greece and China. For more than 1500 years, this network of routes including trading posts, routes and markets were strategically located for tourists and merchants.

Eventually, spice companies began to flourish, bringing exotic and unique herbs and spices from faraway places, first to the rich or royal and then to the public. Today, just opening one's kitchen cabinets can introduce a collection of aromatic and flavorful spices and herbs that can be sourced from all over the world!

Savoring these and learning more about them is the perfect way to celebrate National Herbs and Spices Day!

Some amazing truths about Herb and Spice

  • Thyme for protection

The ancient Romans believed that wearing or bathing in thyme would protect them from poisoning.

  • Lavender instead of body odor

In Renaissance Europe, people believed that lavender would be enough to keep them smelling good, rather than a bath.

  • Rosemary predicts your future

As a symbol of marriage and fertility, if a girl puts rosemary under her pillow, she will dream of her future husband.

  • Nutmeg drives away the Black Death

During the Black Death, people believed that nutmeg would make them immune to disease.

  • Tarragon instead of Tylenol

Due to its numbing properties, it is believed that chewing tarragon can cure teeth.

Celebrating National Herbs and Spices Day

  • Start your own herb garden

You can guess this will be at the top of the list. Not only are homegrown herbs easy to grow (no need for green thumbs), they ensure that your food always has the freshest herbs available. Also, developing something is always good for the environment, so it's mutually beneficial.

  • Get a health boost

Enhance both your knowledge and your health by looking for the many health benefits of certain herbs and spices, and then try to incorporate some into your diet. Teas are a beneficial and delicious way to explore different combinations between spices and herbs.

  • Discover a new cuisine

We're sure you haven't tried all the dishes there, so why not use this holiday as an opportunity to try a whole new dish - complete with all the herbs and spices unique to that cuisine. Whether you decide to go the home chef route or visit an authentic restaurant, we guarantee your culinary journey will be enriched by all because of it.

Some reasons for National Herbs and Spices Day being loved

  • The perfect excuse to cook

As if we even needed to give you a reason to wear that apron and start experimenting! Just a little research can make you want to update your spice rack and experiment with different flavors.

  • An herb or spice for every disease

Not just limited to cooking, herbs and spices have many medicinal properties that can help treat minor ailments. The best part is that these are all-natural remedies and make a big contribution to the homeopathy industry today.

  • Diversity is mind

Who said 'variety is the spice of life' - the sheer variety of herbs and spices around the world makes us want to celebrate every cuisine and culture, for spices and herbs carpentry is the common denominator in food anywhere.


National Herb and Spice Day has been observed annually on June 10th.


Thursday, June 10th, 2021

Friday, June 10th, 2022

Saturday, June 10th, 2023

Monday, June 10th, 2024

Tuesday, June 10th, 2025

Also on Saturday, June 10th, 2023

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