National Horse Rescue Day (Australia)

National Horse Rescue Day (Australia) is observed next on Tuesday, May 16th, 2023 (164 days from today).

How many days until National Horse Rescue Day (Australia)?


Many people love horses because of their gentleness, loyalty and beauty. Horses are often seen on farms and in stables and are valuable assets there.

Even so, there are people who mistreat horses, neglecting their health and causing suffering to the animals. National Horse Rescue Day is a day dedicated to protecting horses and aims to show vigilance towards this sad reality.

History of National Horse Rescue Day

Horse welfare is a concept that has only emerged in the last few centuries. During the 17th century, the Western religious and philosophical belief in animals was that they did not feel any pain. Rene Descartes' theory of the animal machine is the base of this idea. However, in Muslim culture, people have a lot of respect for horses.

From the middle Ages until the 19th century, dead horses were considered normal and greatly despised. It wasn't until the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals was formed and the novel Black Beauty was published that the topic of horse protection became part of everyday conversation.

This debate grew more intense and raged throughout the United States and Europe over the next century. Various laws have been passed to protect horses from mistreatment and issues have raised public concern about horses and their welfare.

Throughout the 20th and 21st centuries, tremendous changes have occurred to the way people view horses and treat horses. This led to anti-slaughter movements and organizations like the ASPCA that aim to protect animals from abuse. Today, many organizations exist with their own guidelines and procedures for horse rescue. Many people do not receive state or federal funding for their rescues.

National Horse Rescue Day aims to show how rescue organizations need your help to be able to provide for abused and abandoned horses. The day celebrates this adventure by encouraging people to protect these horses, donate to their local rescue shelter, and raise awareness about horse abuse.

How to Celebrate National Horse Rescue Day

At the Association of Animal Rescue Professionals, we honor and support animal rescue professionals from all walks of life. All animals need our help and today we're turning our attention to horses with an animal rescue day just for them.

Established by Australia's RSPCA, National Horse Rescue Day aims to raise awareness about the mistreatment of horses and the challenges that running a rescue organization can bring. These majestic creatures can live up to 25 or 30 years and they are very expensive to own. Unfortunately, many people are unable to properly care for the horse they purchase and either mistreatment or neglect of these beings prompts the Horse Rescue Team to come to their rescue.

As you might expect, the challenges of Rescue Horse are very different from those of companion animals like cats or dogs. Even simple things like shipping take on a whole new level of challenge when the animal you are transporting weighs hundreds of pounds. Thankfully, there are great organizations like the Angel Fleet that seek to connect horse owners with trailers, with rescued horses that need transport.

There is an interesting study of the number of people and households able and willing to help horses in need. According to the ASPCA, 1.2 million households or about 2.3 million adults in the United States have both the resources and the desire to adopt horses in need. If you are one of them, there are many very reputable horse rescues across the country that would greatly appreciate your help and support.

If you are not familiar with horse rescue then we invite you to take the opportunity today to learn more about Horse Rescue through the Horse Alliance organizations in your state. The Wisconsin Horse Union, for example, is a wealth of information and resources and can help connect you with resources in your state that are doing similar great work. They can help you better understand your local needs and areas where you can get involved to help.


National Horse Rescue Day (Australia) has been observed annually on May 16th.


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