National Jewel Day

National Jewel Day is observed next on Thursday, March 13th, 2025 (270 days from today).

How many days until National Jewel Day?


National Jewel Day is celebrated on March 13 every year. National Jewel Day is a day to give or receive jewelry. The word “Jewels” is used to refer to gemstones, precious or semi-precious and natural or man-made. Nearly 130 types of minerals are used as gems, along with minerals that are man-made and synthetic. The name "Jewel" comes from the Old Latin word "Jocale" which means toy. National Jewel Day is the perfect day to recognize jewelers by wearing gems you already own.

Learn about National Jewel Day

National Jewel Day is the perfect opportunity to pull out old items or buy new ones to give to others. It is not only the beauty of the jewelry pieces but also the creators who make these impressive pieces. The purpose of this day is to come together to commemorate these shiny, blue and sparkling unique pieces and can help elevate one's outfit and style on any day of the week.

Diamond is considered as one of the hardest substances. The word diamond comes from the Greek word invincible, very fitting. National Jewel Day is a great way to highlight the makers and designers who work hard to please their customers. It is essential to admire the talent and ability to come up with customized solutions and options for each person who shopped with them.

Most jewelers offer a wide variety of gems and can satisfy even the most demanding customers. These artisans are very talented and crafty and deserve recognition when it comes to all their creativity and ability.

History of National Jewel Day

The word jewel is derived from the Medieval Latin word jocale, meaning toy or pastime. One can define a gem as a gemstone, either precious or semi-precious and natural or man-made. Also, for ornaments made from these precious stones. People have used jewelry for many years and see them as a way to reflect one's status in society. Ornaments of all shapes and sizes were, and today people wear them for both functional and decorative purposes. Although the origin of National Jewel Day is still unknown, many people acknowledge and celebrate this special day every year. A historical fact that should be mentioned is that everyone can purchase stones born by month and personalize a gift based on this idea. See information below for more details.

How to Celebrate National Jewel Day

There are many ways one can celebrate and participate in National Jewel Day. This is an opportunity for those who are interested in a piece of jewelry to enjoy and treat themselves to a special gift.

On the other hand, a shopper may want to buy a piece of jewelry or gems for someone they care deeply about. A person may want to save their money for the year so that when this day comes, they can buy and order those things on their own or give it to someone special. It is an excited way to exchange jewelry together, you can invite your friends and family members to take part in a small party for exchanging or use National Jewel Day as an opportunity to polish and care for your jewelry. Observe each other's gems together and share why each part is important to people and why. Take out all your favorites and wear them on National Jewel Day.

One should utilize this day as a way to celebrate and be proud of the jewels one has collected over the years. Someone looking to celebrate National Jewel Day should plan ahead and schedule dinner or outings with family or friends to show off some of the most precious pieces of jewelry one can find in the world. Those celebrating the day may want to take pictures and post these images along with a hashtag on social media to help spread the word.

Another way to celebrate jewelry day is to take the time to learn more about jewelry from a range of historical time periods and about what different cultures are wearing and making. Sign up for a jewelry making class to get a better sense of what it's like to be the creator and inventor of jewelry. It is an opportunity to expand one's knowledge and education on the subject and gain a better understanding of the importance and significance of jewelry. Will help a person appreciate these items even more and can give a person an idea of ​​what pieces of jewelry they might want to own next.

Many people look forward to celebrating National Jewel Day and it's no surprise how much fun and excitement they feel when appreciating and shopping for diamonds and gems. Anyone will enjoy the act of flipping through one's jewelry and remembering who they come from and why they're so special and meaningful.

Do not let this day go by without noting the beauties that have in their drawer or jewelry box or going out and buying a new piece of jewelry to give to someone they care about in their life. Gifting someone new jewelry is a great way to brighten their day and bring a smile to their face. It's never too early to start learning what's popular and selling well in stores and online, and peruse one's inventory at home to figure out what to buy when National Jewel Day arrives.


National Jewel Day has been observed annually on March 13th.


Monday, March 13th, 2023

Wednesday, March 13th, 2024

Thursday, March 13th, 2025

Friday, March 13th, 2026

Saturday, March 13th, 2027

Also on Thursday, March 13th, 2025

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