National Leprechaun Day

National Leprechaun Day is observed next on Monday, May 13th, 2024 (79 days from today).

How many days until National Leprechaun Day?


National Leprechaun Day on May 13th of every year is celebrated for the little folks of Ireland, which is also celebrated on Saint Patrick’s Day of every year.

The origin of National Leprechaun Day is as mysterious as the hidden place of the little-known folk gold vases. But the Elves themselves have been a part of Irish folklore for thousands of years, and although these little fairies are known for their pranks and mischief, they are still loved and deserve a special treat.

It is said that if you catch a goblin, it will have to give you its pot of gold, but goblins are resourceful when it comes to their gold, and they are not easily caught. If you can't come across one of the folk games on National Leprechaun Day, you can still honor the day by cultivating your own pot of gold. Adding to a savings account is a guaranteed way to increase your wealth, and perhaps your pot of gold will attract a sly goblin.

Origins of Leprechauns

The word leprechaun comes from Old Irish, and when traced back to its origin can be translated to mean 'small body'. Elves are said to have lived in ancient Irish necklaces and fairy houses, and have been mentioned in ancient Irish manuscripts from the 12th - 15th centuries!

Although elves today are often depicted as male, with ginger-colored hair, shaggy beards and wearing a green coat and cap. The elves mentioned in these ancient manuscripts are often dressed in red and not always male, with female elves known for luring unsuspecting men out of their homes to have fun and adventure.

Over the years female goblins seem to have disappeared from stories and tales and been replaced by the little blue men we know today.

Although the way we imagine elves may have changed over the years, one thing has always remained the same - elves will always be sly, cunning and cheeky, full of mischief and cunning.

Leprechauns are cheeky crooks

Since this story, the notion that elves possess a hidden wealth has been in the minds of storytellers and most legends revolve around stories of humans attempting to capture and outwit an elf. to take their wealth. But goblins are not so easily fooled. Goblin gold is well hidden, and although they will reveal the location of their treasure when questioned, if one looks away from them, even for a second, they can disappear in minutes.

Some stories also allow elves to grant wishes, which often backfire on humans - one of the most famous examples of this is the story of Seamus. Seamus is a simple man from Ireland who, having captured a leprechaun has been granted one wish. He thought long and hard about his wish before deciding that he wanted to become rich and live on a tropical island. With the click of his finger, the goblin made Seamus' wish come true, but as expected, someone caught him in the act. Although Seamus is very rich and on a tropical island there are no pubs, no people and no shops on the island and so Seamus' huge fortune is completely useless. Disgusted and tricked by leprechaun, Seamus longs to return to Ireland, where he may not be rich but still has pubs, people and shops.

Leprechauns are not alone in causing mischief in Irish tales and are closely related to the Gods of Clurichaun and Far Darrig.

Clurichaun is a mischievous fairy who enjoys drinking and causing trouble. Often found living in or near taverns, breweries or cellars, the Clurichaun is also a treasure guard and is also very handy in shoe repair. In some Irish folk tales, it is said that Elves turn into Clurichauns when they are drunk and disorderly!

Elves Darrig Far are similar to elves except that they wear a red coat and hat. Another mischievous figure in Irish folk law, the fairy Far Darrig is often depicted as fat and hairy, and in some cases even has a long rat-like tail and nose. Obsessed with practical jokes Far Farrig fairies are often responsible for causing trouble and are also often involved in giving people nightmares.

Leprechauns today

Today, leprechauns are still closely associated with Irish history and feature many features in popular culture. Mainly depicted as mischievous yet lovable characters, you may have seen elves on television, in movies, in children's cartoons, and even in advertising campaigns. Some of the most notable depictions of elves in popular culture include grain mascots, Good Luck Charms, and as emblems for individuals and sports teams. While most images of modern elves have a positive view of their characteristics, a few films have chosen to show their dark side, including the American horror film 'Leprechaun', a movie that we don't recommend watching unless you have thick skin!

History of Leprechaun Day

The founder and creator of Leprechaun Day are still unknown. Leprechaun Day is celebrated for little men have fueled Irish speculation for ages, with them holding the rest of the world in their hands. No one knows why the day is called Leprechaun Day and then the founder of that day is also unknown, but it could be someone's trick. Mostly Elves love to play tricks, with that even getting a disclaimer, and it can look fun at the end of the rainbow (but if it is), and no one is lucky here to get the pot of gold.

The origin of the word Leprechaun is Irish, believed to have come from the Old Irish word luchorpán. Luchorpán means a small boy. Furthermore, in older stories, they would say that Traditional Elves would only wear red and not green. Then red was associated with Christmas and Santa Claus, so they planned to change the color for another day of the year.

Nowadays, capturing the Elves and receiving three wishes is probably a miscalculation. Then the main source of the tidbit is the story of the King of Ulster being granted all three wishes.

How to Celebrate Leprechaun Day

The most interesting way to celebrate Leprechaun Day is just reading some famous work of Irish poet Willian Butler Yeasts, by reading those books you can able to know more about Leprechaun. On Leprechaun Day, you have to take your kids to woods and have more fun by looking for Leprechauns. The exact searching is good for your legs and lungs. On the Leprechaun Day, you have to learn the habit of Leprechaun such as saving the pot full of gold in order to save your money. Therefore, you can able to share your thoughts and ideas about Leprechaun Day on social media with your friends and community just by using the hashtag #LeprechaunDay.


National Leprechaun Day has been observed annually on May 13th.


Friday, May 13th, 2022

Saturday, May 13th, 2023

Monday, May 13th, 2024

Tuesday, May 13th, 2025

Wednesday, May 13th, 2026

Also on Monday, May 13th, 2024

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