National Look Alike Day

National Look Alike Day is observed next on Sunday, April 20th, 2025 (334 days from today).

How many days until National Look Alike Day?


“Someone told you look like someone else?” If your answer is “Yes”, April 20th or National Look Alike Day on is just for you.

What is National Look Alike Day?

Study the arch of the eyebrow and the curve of the chin. Do you look like a famous person? National Look-Alike Day is your chance to find someone who looks like you or at least dresses like someone else.

Pittsburg radio station and TV reporter Jack Etzel created National Look Alike Day in the '80s. While looking for a light-hearted story, he and his cameraman began interviewing every single person about what celebrities they think they look like.

Maybe you have a pair. The more modern term is twin stranger. This is no ordinary alter ego, although your great-grandfather may have thought so. Some traditions and myths have regarded doppelgangers as evil twins or paranormal phenomena. But sometimes it just happens that the two look so much alike, to the point of spooky.

Not just for celebrity look-alikes, National Look Alike Day is a day for twins or for best friends who like to dress up as twins. Everyone can participate in National Look Alike Day.

History of National Look Alike Day

Similar to the two sentences before this one, each person is still unique in their own way.

As far as you know, National Look Alike Day was dedicated for people look like a different person. Have you ever been called by another student's name? Some of us often hear the words, "You remind me of someone" or "You look like that and such." If so, you are already one step ahead in the game.

Professional looking people perform as entertainers. Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe are some examples of the most famous roles they played. Besides, some people even look like presidents or actors.

Spitting calls doppelganger. However, seeing your doppelganger shows that you have seen your spirit identical to the one who roamed the Earth. In folklore, seeing your doppelganger portends a bad omen. Although over the years the term has come to refer to someone who looks like you.

Now your chances of finding someone your mirror image depend on who you trust. There is no strong evidence to analyze features differently. But if you've met your live copy, you know how likely the same condition is.

Some reasons for National Look Alike Day being loved

  • We are all on the (somewhat) narcissistic side

Most of us think pretty highly of ourselves. Since people are so delusional, of course, they think other people are like them.

  • Opposites (does not) attract

In fact, most of us are looking for invisible similarities in education, humor, and creativity. Science says we are more likely to like faces that possess some of our own characteristics.

  • A "dual" life

The idea of ​​having a pair makes us feel prettier, cooler, more attractive, and even more likable. Moreover, living in the internet age seems to be a not so strange thing that even we can meet them. So it would be weird if you accidentally caught your look-alike on Instagram.

What do you do in National Look Alike Day?

  • Meet your celebrity

Your celebrity mystery match can be in just a few clicks. Check out some sites that create the same look, upload a photo and live vicariously through your much more famous twin. And then go around and tell people you're the celebrity you look like, only to be told you don't look like them at all. However, don't let your spirits down - we believe you're pretty enough to look like a celebrity.

  • Play dress up

Dressing up is fun sometimes, so make the best of your celebrity impression and dress to match your appearance. Let people do double as you're walking down the street. Who knows, someone might even ask for your autograph! Have you seen Hillary Duff's classic movie "The Lizzie McGuire Movie"? That is exactly what we are imagining. Be confused with a celebrity on National Diplomacy Day and you could be the pop star of your dreams!

  • "Random" matches your best friend

Sometimes the best things come in pairs or make other people look twice. You can change another outfit to be look like any friend you want. If you were involved at the same time (like in a closet) you can't turn down the friendship now, can you? Your faces may not look the same at all, but the next best thing is matching the outfit.


National Look Alike Day has been observed annually on April 20th.


Thursday, April 20th, 2023

Saturday, April 20th, 2024

Sunday, April 20th, 2025

Monday, April 20th, 2026

Tuesday, April 20th, 2027

Also on Sunday, April 20th, 2025

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