National Prime Rib Day

National Prime Rib Day is observed next on Sunday, April 27th, 2025 (313 days from today).

How many days until National Prime Rib Day?


National Prime Rib Day is an annual holiday in order to commemorate a special dish on April 27th.

Set on April 27th, Heads of State Day marks a special day for all steak enthusiasts as it signifies an occasion when people go to their favorite steakhouse to enjoy this special meal.

History of National Prime Rib Day

While we can't say for sure where or how it was first cooked, we do know that by the time of the Industrial Revolution it appeared in Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada. Whole rib is considered one of the most classic and delicious cuts of beef, which is made from a beef rib, typically between the 6th and 12th ribs.

In England especially, the prime rib was famous in the late 1800s when families made it the centerpiece of their "Sunday Roast". This popular dinner custom places the original rib in the center of the table, although it is often referred to as "roast rib" due to the fact that it is cooked upright. The Sunday Roast is usually served with mashed potatoes, stuffing, Yorkshire pudding and vegetables. Today, this is still known as a very traditional way of preparing prime rib and is definitely a favorite among meat eaters.

Several restaurants have dedicated their identities to their iconic cuts of meat and are known worldwide for their masterful cooking. For example, the House of Prime Rib in San Francisco incubates their corned beef for three weeks before cooking. Prime rib has been appearing at Peter Luger of New York City since 1887, and Taylor's Steakhouse in Los Angeles is also famous for prime rib. Some national chains, Lawry's Prime Rib, for example, have become the most famous for their culinary artistry with meat cuts!

Chances are you already have prime rib for Christmas or any other holiday, anniversary, or event. Pork chops are famous during holidays and special events, as today it is not cheap and is one of the tastiest and tenders meats. People have always loved to treat themselves to tasty treats - whether it's a Sunday Roast to bring the whole family together, a birthday celebration or a Christmas party!

Why National Prime Rib Day?

This wonderful day is recognized every year for the special meal that is loved by many. On this holiday, the original ribs, also known as the "King of Meats", become the top choice of delicacy cut from one of the eight main cuts of beef. For this reason, it is nationally observed in the United States that all roads lead to steakhouses.

There are those who call the original ribs a grilled rib, thanks to its tenderness and characteristic flavor. Original rib is a flavorful roast from the director's rib. As one of the most sought after types of beef, there is no limit to the number of people who indulge in this particular delicacy. This means that on April 27th, almost every family in America will eat a good rib.

The holiday is traditionally marked by devotees pairing original ribs with side dishes like potatoes, stuffing, and even vegetables in the spirit of achieving Sunday roasts. However, there are so many different flavors and recipes that original ribs can be prepared with all to mark this special day in style and among friends and loved ones.

Why National Prime Rib Day loved?

  • It is classic

Since its inception as a key ingredient of the Sunday Roast, prime rib has a special place in the hearts of meat lovers. One of the original eight parts of beef, its fatness gives it great flavor and deliciousness. Also, the muscles around the ribs aren't used much, which only adds to its softness and quality. There's no question why it's a beloved classic!

  • It is a perfect dish for all holidays or dinner parties

A holiday staple, a birthday request, an anniversary party… the original ribs can do it all. Plus, it can be a big enough cut to give everyone in your holiday party or celebration! Since it's naturally sweet and tender, it's sure to be a fan favorite no matter how it's prepared.

  • There are many different ways

In fact, cooking in the classic ways is always the greatest; however, the cut of the meat is so amazing it shines with a variety of flavors. You can give your original ribs a spiced crust, combine with horseradish cream, add rosemary, or even make whole rib with some Yorkshire pudding! Looking for a new recipe

How to celebrate National Prime Rib Day

There are many ways we can observe this remarkable day. Some of them include:

  • Host a prime rib event at your favorite steakhouse

The most basic way to celebrate National Prime Rib Day is to host a prime rib gathering at your favorite steakhouse with your family or friends. Then you can share the roast beef together as a family. An important day like this is best spent with loved ones and what better way to enjoy delicious ribs together!

  • Post on social media

Posting on social media with #NationalPrimeRibDay will also go a long way in raising awareness of the day. You can post on Facebook, Instagram, or even tweet about it with the aim of spreading the meaning of this day.

  • Bring ribs to work or school

In case you are a student, you can cook with your parents or siblings at home and bring it to school to share with friends and classmates. Moreover, adults can also bring and share delicious ribs with colleagues and clients. Doing so will go a long way in preserving the National Prime Minister's Ribs Day tradition and ensuring that it is never forgotten.

  • Schedule a main rib making contest.

Heads of State Day can also be observed by participating in a main choreography competition and then sharing the preparation with the participants to determine whose preparation is the best. The winner can claim a prized house. Take the time to enjoy each other's cooking in the spirit of learning each other's top chops techniques.


National Prime Rib Day has been observed annually on April 27th.


Thursday, April 27th, 2023

Saturday, April 27th, 2024

Sunday, April 27th, 2025

Monday, April 27th, 2026

Tuesday, April 27th, 2027

Also on Sunday, April 27th, 2025

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