National Raspberry Popover Day

(Also known as National Raspberry Tart Day)

National Raspberry Popover Day is observed next on Saturday, May 3rd, 2025 (347 days from today).

How many days until National Raspberry Popover Day?


National Raspberry Popover Day or National Raspberry Tart Day is the same on May 3rd each year recognizes a dish similar to Yorkshire pudding.

Popover is an American version of the empty roll cake in English known as Yorkshire pudding. Since raspberries are abundant in most regions of the United States, they make a rich and refreshing addition to many of these light butter roll recipes, as a filling or dough ingredient. If you don't like grilling much, National Raspberry Popover Day is an invitation to give it a try. Popovers are fun to make and eat.

Why celebrate National Raspberry Popover Day?

Also known as Raspberry Tarts, Raspberry Popovers are very similar to Yorkshire pudding and are a delicious treat to enjoy. You can have these popovers that combine both sweet and savory depending on how you like it. Popovers are named for their unique feature of popping on a baking sheet, and they're usually made with salt, butter, milk, and eggs.

While cookies can come in any flavor, raspberries add that extra sweetness you'd love to have in your meal. Raspberries are a great addition to any dish and these raspberries are a testament to that. They are mainly enjoyed during breakfast to provide the necessary energy for the day.

It is the only popover holiday other than blueberry popover celebrated throughout the country, and many call it a cousin of the famous Yorkshire pudding. National Raspberry Popover Day is a celebration of how raspberries can transform a simple dish into a delicious dessert.

History of National Raspberry Popover Day

There is no official evidence for celebrating National Raspberry Popover Day nor is there information on how or who initiated the celebration of this day. No matter what the reason is, we can definitely enjoy these tasty and delicious raspberry popovers with our loved ones on National Raspberry Popover Day.

Popovers are named for their characteristic that pops over the edge of the pan as they bake. You can enjoy them in both sweet and savory combinations. The main ingredients in popover are flour, eggs, milk, butter, salt, and butter. Raspberries make popovers sweeter. Whether it's sweet or savory, most people enjoy popovers for breakfast.

National Raspberry Popover Day is the second public holiday in the calendar.

Interesting truths about National Raspberry Popover Day

  • The name raspberry is believed to be derived from the French word raspise which means pink sweet wine. Needless to say, these fruits are amazingly sweet and are also among the most sought after.
  • These are composite fruits which mean that their flowers have multiple ovaries with pods forming around each of them and each fruit can be considered a self.
  • More than 200 different species of raspberries are available, but only two are grown on a larger scale.
  • The flapping sound made with the tongue and mouth is called the "raspberry" and it is of English origin.
  • This fruit was first appreciated by the people of Troy, in what is now Turkey.
  • The cultivation of raspberry trees was first mentioned in the 4th century AD in writing.
  • These fruits are a rich supplement of Vitamin C. In fact, they can easily meet almost 40% of a person's vitamin needs.
  • There have been many new berries developed using raspberries with other berries like nessberry, veitchberries, mahdiberries, etc.

How to celebrate National Raspberry Popover Day

There are many ways you can make National Raspberry Popover Day a memorable day to remember. Of course, the best way is to enjoy these delicious tarts filled with delicious raspberries. But that's not the only way to enjoy the day. Here are a few ways you can make this a day of fun and a memorable occasion.

  • The most effective way is to enjoy these delicacies. Therefore, without bothering or losing time, you can simply visit your nearest bakery and enjoy these delicious raspberries.
  • You can also make them at home if you like to bake. Of course you can search for recipes on the internet and make them.
  • You can even make your own recipes involving raspberry cakes and share them with friends and family. You can share the recipes online and enjoy the compliments it brings your way.
  • With selfies being all the rage these days, you can take selfies with your very own toasted raspberries. And if you're not a great baker, you can always pamper yourself with a raspberry pie from the nearest bakery.

There are many variations of raspberry raspberries that you can find online and you can try any of them depending on your preference. You can use the hashtag #NationalRaspberryPopoverDay on your recipe posts or posts featuring your favorite raspberry dish. Enjoy this mouthwatering dish and spread the happiness it brings in your life.


National Raspberry Popover Day has been observed annually on May 3rd.


Wednesday, May 3rd, 2023

Friday, May 3rd, 2024

Saturday, May 3rd, 2025

Sunday, May 3rd, 2026

Monday, May 3rd, 2027

Also on Saturday, May 3rd, 2025

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