National "She's Funny That Way" Day

National "She's Funny That Way" Day is observed next on Monday, March 31st, 2025 (344 days from today).

How many days until National "She's Funny That Way" Day?


Comedian is one of the indispensable positions in a work, a comedy script on the small screen. This is one of the important roles that make a movie successful. The main task is to build the right image according to the right script, to inspire the audience to feel the content and information of the work. Comedy means amusing. Laughter has a big part in affecting everyone's life. When tired or sad, you can look to humorous works to relieve your mood and balance emotions. Comedians are like other actors, but something different and somewhat more difficult is the gift of amusing, creating emotions for viewers in every moment. The scripts of comedies often take hidden corners in life, so it is necessary to have a natural and close acting talent. And many of them say they don't find it interesting when female comedians perform. It seems that for comedians, their job is more difficult than that of comedians. They have to try harder. Even in the same work, female comedians are still receiving less remuneration than male comedians. Therefore, an idea was given that was to organize a day to honor comedian actresses who have always tried to be creative without stopping to bring laughter to the audience. It's National "She's Funny That Way" Day, celebrated every year on March 31 since 2003.

History of National "She's Funny That Way" Day

National "She's Funny That Way" Day is based on the novel by Brenda Meridith by She's Funny That Way, the first anniversary of the national holiday coincides with the release of the novel She's Funny That Way in 2003.

The nationwide "She's Funny That Way" day is often used to honor women who are honored and celebrated, which can be well-known celebrities on a personal level, including family members or friends, but they can also be famous women comedians nationally or internationally. The holiday also honors comedians, not only by listing the ways they make celebrities laugh, but also by watching them stand up, watch movies and TV shows, and read their books.

Women didn't start acting in public comedy until the mid-eighteenth century, and even then, they weren't fully accepted and often had difficulty getting reservations. Women in comedy were made to fulfill certain roles at the time, such as housewife or mother, and had to appeal to men's comedic tastes. In the 20th century, female comedians were better able to enter the scene, but still often had to use certain approaches to do so. For example, Phyllis Diller uses self-doubt and Mae West uses sex appeal. Feminist comedy is in vogue these days, which has broken down the archaic structure of women in comedy. This comedy critiques the patriarchal structure and addresses issues related to women, such as gender inequality and beauty standards. Even so, despite having more freedom in comedy, women still face obstacles.

How to Observe the National "She's Funny That Way" Day

If you stay true to your original intention for the day, you should observe by listing the top 5 ways the women in your life make you laugh. Perhaps something your wife, daughter, sister, mother, or friend does makes you roll on the floor laughing. Let them and others know about it! If you spend all day talking to these women in your life, you will definitely laugh more.

Weekdays are also used to honor female comedians and enjoy their work. A number of famous comedians and actresses are active in the comedy industry — both past and present.

You can watch one of the best female-led comedies, or even watch the movie She's Funny That Way. You can go to a stand-up comedy show or watch video monologues at home, or you can read a funny book by a female author. Finally, you can read She's Funny That Way, written by the creator of today's holiday.


National "She's Funny That Way" Day has been observed annually on March 31st.


Friday, March 31st, 2023

Sunday, March 31st, 2024

Monday, March 31st, 2025

Tuesday, March 31st, 2026

Wednesday, March 31st, 2027

Also on Monday, March 31st, 2025

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