National Tile Day

National Tile Day is observed next on Sunday, February 23rd, 2025 (276 days from today).

How many days until National Tile Day?


Tile has been known as one of the building materials used for roofing against rain and sun, today it is also used for exterior and interior decoration, etc.

Tiles have many different types, depending on the materials, ingredients, and production methods, which will produce different lines of tiles. Currently, there are mainly the following types of roof tiles: glazed porcelain tile, ceramic tile, stone tile, spray-painted cement tile.

February 23 is National Tile Day, celebrated annually in recognition of tile, a timeless element of design and architecture.

Tile plays a huge role in architecture and design. Most of us are seeing roof tiles to block the sun and rain, keeping your home away from the elements. However, tiles also have the effect of beautifying and decorating built structures such as temples, pagodas, or your house.

Types of tiles

1. Glazed porcelain tile

Glazed porcelain tile is the most advanced roof tile line today because it has a coefficient of thermal expansion that is compatible with different climates, suitable for areas with severe weather, ensuring that the glazed porcelain tile has high quality that almost eternally durable, which terracotta and cement tiles cannot do.

With refined earth material within 72 hours and coated with kaolin glaze, outside, fired at a temperature of over 1250C, the tile is strong, strong and has an almost eternal color fastness.

2. Terracotta tile

Also known as ceramic tile, is made with mainly clay. Tile is refined in stages from annealing, rolling, kneading, extruding, aspirating and cutting into blocks, small sheets, finally shaping with plastic stamping, and then drying. Depending on the style, the tile name will be set differently. Terracotta tiles such as ancient comedy nose tile, ancient oyster tile, scale tile, arrow tile, small comedy tile, etc. Tiles are often used in ancient works, spiritual constructions such as the use of roof tiles for pagodas, roof tiles for communal houses, mausoleums, etc.

3. Mediteriano Mediterranean Tile

Mediteriano tile, also known as Mediterranean tile, large wave trough tile. The reason it is called the Mediterranean tile is because most of these tiles are roofed by sea villas, houses, and homestays in the Mediterranean coastal region. With a large size, bright colors suitable for coastal villa style, the Mediterranean tile line is the first choice of today's elite.

4. Stone tile

Stone tile, also known as evil tile - doa, this tile is mined from sedimentary rock, the color is black as fast as the color of coal. Most stone tiles are often used for architectural works of villas, French villas, homestays, etc. The design of stone tile is often designed to resemble glazed porcelain tile such as: fish scale tile, rectangular tile.

5. Cement tile

Cement tile is a line of tiles with advantages in terms of simple construction, light weight. Cement tile is considered a cheap roof tile, but it is only the initial purchase price. Cement tile has a fatal disadvantage that after a few years, the paint will be faded, because most spray-painted cement tiles are not durable.

History of National Tile Day

In 2017, National Tile Day was founded by Covereds, the largest brick and stone exhibition in North America. With the desire to highlight the benefits of tile in residential and commercial design, Covereds created National Tile Day. Each residential and commercial design, each style will be suitable for a different type of tile. That has made the tile become diverse in both shape, size and color.

Observing National Tile Day

To celebrate National Tile Day, take the time to celebrate the brick-and-mortar industry around you. Don't hesitate to show your appreciation for processed tiles. You are also encouraged to learn more about the variety of tiles so that as you change the texture of your home, you can find the right tile. Share your insights on social media with the hashtag #NationalTileDay.


National Tile Day has been observed annually on February 23rd.


Thursday, February 23rd, 2023

Friday, February 23rd, 2024

Sunday, February 23rd, 2025

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