National Vanilla Pudding Day

National Vanilla Pudding Day is observed next on Wednesday, May 22nd, 2024 (81 days from today).

How many days until National Vanilla Pudding Day?


Recognizing the deliciousness of the cool vanilla pudding, the National Vanilla Pudding Day is celebrated on the 22nd of May every year.

Why National Vanilla Pudding Day?

Everyone has a sweet tooth and there are sweet treats that we all enjoy. When we talk about sweets and flavors, a discussion is incomplete without mentioning a beloved and versatile vanilla. Used in many forms, vanilla has been dominating the dessert table thanks to its ability to adapt easily along with other flavors. Vanilla pudding, served in a variety of ways, tailored to individual preferences, is a creamy and cold pudding designed to delight the eater. Pudding is not only a favorite but an easy dish to make and a part of every household around the country. This is an anniversary of this simple yet delicious dessert that has dominated the hearts of food lovers for years now. Desserts are a delight for producers and consumers alike, thus worthy of a celebration in and of themselves.

History of National Vanilla Pudding Day

The pudding that we enjoy as dessert today is not what is commonly referred to as the pudding on the ancient tables. Most medieval puddings were made of meat and seasoned with herbs and spices. Even sweet chefs often serve them hot. By the end of the 18th century, people were more likely to make traditional cereal or bread pudding with nuts, fruit, or meat. They used these puddings to extend the meal for a large family.

The creamy custard dish we are more familiar with today is related to custard, except for eggs.

Necessity may be the mother of invention, but a chemist spouse is the inventor. When you're Alfred Bird and your wife is allergic to eggs, it's very true. In 1837, Bird had created an egg-free custard powder by using flavored cornstarch.

My-T-Fine produced the earliest packaged puddings in the United States in 1918. These and other puddings like them still require cooking on the stove. Instant versions appeared in the mid-1940s. By itself or as an ingredient in a larger recipe, pudding can be enjoyed in a variety of flavors.

National Vanilla Pudding Day is celebrated every year to highlight an easy and delicious dessert used by almost every household in the United States. Although the origins of this date are unclear, the history of pudding itself is a long and interesting one. Did you know, pudding isn't always a dessert but in fact a sausage-like meat dish? This dish was popular in the Middle Ages and the traditional pudding has evolved a lot over time.

The original ingredients include milk, sugar and fish or meat. Of course, we've come a long way since then and the thought of consuming a meat-based pudding is getting tough. From meat pudding, this dish became a dessert and then transformed into a jelly dish called Jell-O. From there, the pudding comes in a variety of flavors including chocolate, vanilla, butterscotch and caramel. Due to globalization, it is easy to come across a wide range of flavors including lemon pudding, orange pudding, coffee pudding, and more. There are also many variations of the original pudding including bread pudding, flan, creme brûlée, rice pudding, and Christmas pudding. pudding. Some pudding recipes also include fruit.

Since most versions of pudding are easy to make, a packaged version of the pudding was introduced in the United States in 1918. Instant pudding, on the other hand, only appeared on the market in the mid-1940s.

Some truths about Pudding

  • Only for the rich

Pudding was only available to the elite in Europe during the Middle Ages.

  • The famous one

Jell-O is the most popular pudding in America.

  • Most popular

The award-winning chocolate pudding is the most popular type of pudding.

  • The most expensive pudding in the world

It was served at the Fortress Hotel in Sri Lanka for $14,500.

  • Source

The word 'pudding' comes from the French word 'boudin', which means sausage.

Some truths about National Vanilla Pudding Day

  • The name "pudding" is derived from the French "boudin", which translates to sausage. Unsurprisingly, the original pudding recipes all had meat or fish in them.
  • While vanilla pudding is the most basic of all puddings, chocolate pudding is the most popular and well-known type of pudding.
  • US citizens love having Jell-O and hence the popularity of this pudding.
  • During the Middle Ages, pudding was only served to the rich and upper class in European countries.
  • Pudding with meat made in the UK with a mention of the dish dating back to the early 14s
  • Pudding is mentioned by the chefs of Richard II in a cookbook dating back to the 15th century
  • Sweet pudding was only introduced to society in the 17th century with nuts, sugar, and flour added to the mix.
  • Later in the 19th century, puddings also added galangal and cornstarch as part of their ingredients.
  • There are many types of puddings such as coffee pudding, orange pudding, lemon pudding, and many others created from different cuisines around the world.

How to celebrate National Vanilla Pudding Day

There are many different ways to enjoy this vanilla pudding and National Vanilla Pudding Day is the ideal occasion for it. Below are a few ways you can enjoy this day to the fullest.

  • The first way is of course to enjoy this cream puff alone or with your loved ones on this day. Of course, you can turn it into a more interesting and appealing dessert by adding a flavor of your own.

 You can choose a cake of your choice and top it with this delicious creamy pudding for extra fun.

 You can use vanilla pudding to make yourself a parfait

 You can also make cakes with pudding

 You can make a snack with fresh fruit, vanilla pudding, and pia pie.

  • You can have a competition between your friends and family on the best recipe anyone can make with the Vanilla pudding being the hero of the dish.
  • You must remember to share information about the vanilla pudding recipe and how you celebrate the day on social media and other online portals. Create awareness for this day with the hashtag #NationalVanillaPuddingDay and enjoy a bowl of this pudding.
  • You can also organize a session with your kids or family and make this pudding together to create wonderful memories of the day.
  • You can try different types of pudding at different bakeries in your area and can share your thoughts on the puddings you've tasted online. You can say thank you to the best bakery that has the best pudding.


National Vanilla Pudding Day has been observed annually on May 22nd.


Sunday, May 22nd, 2022

Monday, May 22nd, 2023

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2024

Thursday, May 22nd, 2025

Friday, May 22nd, 2026

Also on Wednesday, May 22nd, 2024

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