National Working Moms Day

(Also known as Working Moms Day (2020))

National Working Moms Day is observed next on Wednesday, March 12th, 2025 (273 days from today).

How many days until National Working Moms Day?


National Working Moms Day, is celebrated on March 12th every year to honor breadwinners and breadwinners, educators and role models, who are resilient and inspiring in our children's lives.

History of National Working Moms Day

Mothers strategize and organize, never stopping until the job is done. And with each development, we know that mothers keep pace with the changing world.

That's why National Working Moms Day celebrates every mother. Whether you honor a great mother in your life or you reflect on your accomplishments as a working mother, join the celebration!

Working Mothers of Milwaukee (WMM) decided to establishe National Working Moms Day in 2020 to celebrate working mothers everywhere. WMM's vision is to be a hub for working mothers in Milwaukee to connect, exchange and share experiences. They aim to create a support space where mothers can connect both online and in person, get support from mothers who just need to "get it", access services to do Make every day a little easier and celebrate this crazy phase of life together!

How to celebrate National Working Moms Day

National Working Moms Day is an opportunity to pay tribute to a working mother you know.

  • Usually a business owned and operated by a working mother. Supporting a small business means you are also supporting a working mother's family and your community.
  • Show your appreciation to a working mom with a handwritten letter. A thank-you note is one of those items that can be reread for encouragement. Also, technology can't delete handwritten notes.
  • Take on meal duties for the evening. Any parent knows that mealtime is one of the most stressful times during a day.

This is also a day for working mothers to take some time for themselves.

  • Practice some mindfulness. Whether it is 5 minutes deep breathing or journaling, take some time to yourself.
  • Take the day off if possible. Connect with other moms and enjoy needed time together.
  • Participate in a course you would like. Whether it's to advance your career or reduce your stress levels, take the time.
  • Join a network of working mothers like Working Moms of Milwaukee.


National Working Moms Day has been observed annually on March 12th.


Sunday, March 12th, 2023

Tuesday, March 12th, 2024

Wednesday, March 12th, 2025

Thursday, March 12th, 2026

Friday, March 12th, 2027

Founded by

Working Moms of Milwaukee (WMM) on December 17th, 2019

Also on Wednesday, March 12th, 2025

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