Newspaper Columnists' Day

Newspaper Columnists' Day is observed next on Tuesday, April 18th, 2023 (136 days from today).

How many days until Newspaper Columnists' Day?


Newspaper Columnists' Day on April 18th annually commemorates the life and work of columnist Ernes Taylor Pyle.

Columnists are the most important part of any newspaper, magazine or even other publication. The person who provides written works such as commentary and opinion on current events or topics in publications is the columnist. These columnists will have a number of people actively looking forward to reading their column every day. Often they and their works go unrecognized and forgotten.

Why Newspaper Columnists' Day?

Newspaper Columnists' Day is celebrated to appreciate and honor all columnists and journalists for their hard work, solid research and their role in revealing the truth to the public and the world. To get proper information about why we celebrate this day, we must first know what the category is. A columnist includes a person or a group who put their opinions on researching information in the form of a columnist in a newspaper, magazine, book, newspaper or in other words, we can say that an author writes daily in a newspaper, book, cover, magazine, boy social background. Today, it is also in the form of a blog. There are different types of categories such as criticism, gossip, advice, humor, food. Skilled columnists generate a wealth of passion that often leads to action. Depending on their field of writing, they may even become part of small, entertaining gossip. Whether it's about fashion, political drama, news columnist as Richard cohen, Michelle Malkin, an American right-wing journalist who was a reporting collaborator and joined Newsmax tv in 2020, wrote seven books and founded a very conservative website as hot air and kept readers busy with their wisdom and vision.

As usual, columnists are also the authors and their work is transferred to a print medium. However, with the growing popularity of television and radio in the 90s, some of them use this medium to convey their work to a large area. Columnists can give their answer or their opinions about everything from household to managing a cranky child. With the growth of the usage of electronic media, it has become easier to display or research directly to the public with the help of YouTube videos.

Some famous columnists like Dave Barry, Walter Winchell, molly Ivins, William Safire have always fueled the debate and made readers weigh their positions.

Interesting facts about Newspaper Columnists' Day

  • Newspaper Columnists' Day is also known as National Columnists' Day
  • There is an award given out on this day that is the Ernie Pyle lifetime achievement award.
  • Dear Abby, as one of the most popular columnists ever, get in on the news before it's over.
  • Celebrating this day shows respect to all those who write, research, and keep social updates on black and white things.
  • Newspaper Columnists' Day is also the same day with World Heritage Day, Pet Owners Independence Day, National Pinata Day, and National Nurturing Day.
  • Because nowadays, some people can appreciate columnists working in any form of media, not just newspaper columnists.
  • If you are a movie star, you must have in your books the friends of a good columnist. (Fun part: one famous person was shocked when he or she knew that his/her social media manager was about to marry a famous gossip columnist.

History of Newspaper Columnists' Day

Newspaper Columnists' Day has been celebrated since 1995. The National Society of Newspaper Columnists has established this special celebration for columnists. The association was founded in 1977 as a professional organization for columnists and journalists. Newspaper Columnist's Day was chosen to celebrate on April 18th every year in order to express our gratitude to Ernie Pyle, an American columnist who was killed on the same day in 1945 while reporting in Okinawa, Japan during World War II. Pyle was a Pulitzer Prize winner, who has reported from both European and Pacific theaters. National Newspaper Contributors Day, also known as Journalist's Day, aims to appreciate the work of columnists and inform people of the dangers that columnists face every day. This is a celebration dedicated to all columnists and journalists who work in dangerous situations with the sole purpose of uncovering the truth and keeping the world informed.

How to celebrate Newspaper Columnists' Day

  • Express Gratitude: We have to show our gratitude and honor all columnists who have informed us of current events by providing news and opinions. We can celebrate this day by respecting someone we know as columnists or journalists, or bloggers, and anyone we love and play a very important role in. important in telling us the truth of every story or content.
  • Social Platform Help: You can share your thoughts on the social media such as Facebook, Instagram with using the hashtag #nationalcolumnistday #columnistday
  • Giving a gift: You can express you thank to a favorite author or columnist by giving a gift.
  • By reading: Read your favorite book or newspaper on Newspaper Columnists' Day.

#MyFavouriteColumnist: As in the current scenario, there are various means of removing your views. You can also make your columnists happy by starting an online campaign, using the hashtag #myfavoritecolumnist and making them an overnight star.


Newspaper Columnists' Day has been observed annually on April 18th.


Sunday, April 18th, 2021

Monday, April 18th, 2022

Tuesday, April 18th, 2023

Thursday, April 18th, 2024

Friday, April 18th, 2025

Also on Tuesday, April 18th, 2023

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