Prevent Plagiarism Day

Prevent Plagiarism Day is observed next on Wednesday, February 19th, 2025 (210 days from today).

How many days until Prevent Plagiarism Day?


What is plagiarism really? A lot of people think plagiarism is simply copying someone else's work or borrowing original ideas. However, there are many other variations of plagiarism that you need to be aware of before studying in developed countries where plagiarism is considered a "crime" and ideas or intellectual products are legal property protection law. And February 19 every year is National Plagiarism Prevention Day, held to raise awareness about plagiarism and encourage people to discuss issues related to how to prevent plagiarism.

According to the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary, plagiarism means:

Steal and form new ideas or words from someone else's ideas

Using someone's work without publishing the source

Introduce a new idea or product that is transformed from a pre-existing source

In the US, the question asked is "Are words and ideas really stolen?" and American Law answered yes. Expressing a unique idea is also considered an intellectual achievement and is protected under the Copyright Act equivalent to protecting an entirely new invention.

There are many ways to plagiarize. The "calling" someone's work to be yours is the first case, just copying someone's words or ideas without specifying the source can also be considered plagiarism. Once you intend to use a quote from someone else's creativity and hard work, you must specify the source and title of the citation paragraph by paragraph. However, even a specific quote but too much copying will be an evidence of plagiarism.

How to avoid plagiarism?

In your studies, you will inevitably have to familiarize yourself with the sources of information of previous scholars, so it is best to cite the source whenever you use quotations, comments in detail and specific. This is also a way for you to quickly check your reference information if you want to edit or compare before submitting. Appreciate the work of others if you expect others to respect your own efforts. Society can only develop if there is creativity, invention and initiative.

Some plagiarism detection tools in universities

According to EHow, there are many online plagiarism detection tools, such as Turnitin site, CopyCatch Gold software, search sites like Google and AltaVista… Currently, Turnitin is still a site for detecting…) is widely used in universities around the world.

At The Hague University of Applied Sciences, teachers always ask students to submit papers, essays or research through the Ephorus anti-plagiarism program. Only students who have "scanned" their work via Ephorus are allowed to submit their work electronically.

Why is plagiarism checking so important?

Checking for plagiarism is very important. That is why in every country, plagiarism checks are tightened in schools, research institutions or companies and businesses.

Check for plagiarism to protect the author's work

First, checking for plagiarism is a way to show respect and protect the author's work. When you do a report, thesis or simply write an introduction for your company, business, and your finished product will not be recognized if it violates plagiarism.

Checking for plagiarism is a way to uphold social norms

Through checking for plagiarism, we partly enhance and strengthen social ethical standards. Surely no one wants their finished product to be stolen and used by others. Plagiarism is actually a form of stealing and violating standards. Therefore, if people are more aware of this issue, unnecessary mistakes will be avoided.

Plagiarism check helps verify the author's efforts

When we create the finished product with our own creativity, effort and effort, this means that we do not plagiarize others. This is a way to show off your abilities.

History of the day to prevent plagiarism

Currently, the origin as well as the founder of the day to prevent plagiarism is still being searched. However, indeed, the issue of preventing plagiarism is gaining more and more support around the world. So there's no reason why we shouldn't support the day to stop plagiarism.

How to hold National Prevent Plagiarism Day

In response to the prevention of plagiarism, there are now many tools that can check for plagiarism. When working on any essay today (on all other days, of course), make sure that, when referring to any sources to complete your essay, you have also checked for plagiarism tools that can be used. Make sure your post is unique and not plagiarized. Share your insights on preventing plagiarism on social media with the hashtag #PreventPlagiarismDay.


Prevent Plagiarism Day has been observed annually on February 19th.


Sunday, February 19th, 2023

Monday, February 19th, 2024

Wednesday, February 19th, 2025

Thursday, February 19th, 2026

Friday, February 19th, 2027

Also on Wednesday, February 19th, 2025