Ride to Work Day

(Also known as International Motorcycle & Scooter Ride to Work Day, Ride Motorcycles to Work Day)

Ride to Work Day is observed next on Monday, June 17th, 2024 (199 days from today).

How many days until Ride to Work Day?


Ride to Work Day marks the annual “Ride to Work Day” event worldwide. On this day, commuters in two-wheelers help demonstrate that riding is an efficient and economical form of personal transportation. Participants were of all ages, occupations and from all walks of life.

“The resources usage of motorcycles and scooters is fewer than cars. Moreover, they also take up less space in parking areas and on the road as well. Riders seek employer and community support for this efficient form of transportation, and more government and public awareness of the many benefits of riding,” Andy said. Goldfine, an event organizer, said. More than 100 American cities recognize Work Day by manifesto.

According to the non-profit organization Ride to Work, commuting demonstrates the positive value of motorbikes and scooters for transportation. For hundreds of thousands of workers, motorbikes and scooters are an economical, efficient and socially responsible form of transportation that saves energy, helps the environment and brings many benefits. Motorcycle and racing clubs around the world encourage their members to cycle to work, especially on this annual day.

History of Ride to Work Day

The first time of Ride to Work Day was celebrated on July 22nd, 1992. The event continued to grow as an informal annual rally until 2000. That year, the nonprofit organization Profit, Ride to Work, was founded to help organize and promote Ride to Work Day. The first Ride to Work Day event led by this group was the third Wednesday of July 2001. The day was annual until 2008, when it was changed to the third Monday in June. This change is made to be more climate-appropriate for riders around the world and to give more riders the opportunity to participate. This is the 31st International Motorcycle and Scooter Festival every year. In Abilene, the event has been held every year since 2012 (except 2020 due to COVID-19). We had great participation with about 100 cyclists.

How to ride motorcycle to work safely

Technically, the full title of the event is 'Annual International Motorcycle and Scooter Day.' So even if your motorized two-wheeler is not a motorcycle, you can still participate. And yes, electric scooters count. Plus, this isn't the standout Gentleman's Trip: there's no style guide.

Also, while Ride to Work Day is nominally about commuting by motorbike/scooter, people working from home can also participate. In the end, it's all about getting "you and your motorcycle out to the public," explains RevZilla. In addition, it also requires a bit of planning.

First, make sure that your motorcycle is in good mechanical condition. If your motorcycle has a chain, check the tension and oil it if necessary. Check your cables, tires and brakes as well. And double check that your mirror is set up correctly. I mean you can see most of the road to the sides and back without turning around.

Next, assemble all of your motorcycle safety gear and clean it and/or replace it if necessary. And if your bike doesn't have room for luggage or for your work-related items, buy a suitable backpack. At a minimum, RevZilla says, it should have a sternum strap.

In addition, your mental state and driving technique are just as important as the equipment and condition of your motorcycle. Be safe in a city or similar environment means staying visible while assuming no one can see you. Wearing bright colors also helps with the use of turn signals.

However, that's also why the Ride to Work organization is so passionate about the event: widespread motorcycle visibility.

How to celebrate Ride to Work Day

If you are wondering how to create a route from home to work, Ride to Work Day has resources on the website to help you map out the ride. Furthermore, some websites include My Way to Go, Bicycle Colorado, or the Colorado Department of Transportation that are very useful. You can find more tips here.

The event also welcomes station owners, who can set up locations where cyclists can grab a bite or drink, take pictures, and inflate their tires and more.


Ride to Work Day has been observed the third Monday in June.


Monday, June 20th, 2022

Monday, June 19th, 2023

Monday, June 17th, 2024

Monday, June 16th, 2025

Monday, June 15th, 2026

Also on Monday, June 17th, 2024

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