Safety Pin Day

(Also known as International Safety Pin Day)

Safety Pin Day is observed next on Thursday, April 10th, 2025 (299 days from today).

How many days until Safety Pin Day?


Safe Pin Day is celebrated on April 10 every year. It is an unofficial compliance dedicated to the simple but clever invention, i.e. safety pins. Safety pins are mainly used to fix the cloths together. It is sometimes used in decorative aspects of fabrics and is also used as an accessory. There is not much change in the design of the safety pin since it was invented. It's a day to celebrate Hunt's simple, useful invention that is still little appreciated.

History of Safe Pin Day

"Roaring!” Is this an emotion you'll witness today? Let show your honor to Walter Hunt, the creator of the safety pin. As the story goes, Hunt, a passionate inventor, in order to pay his debt, about $15, he decided to invent something and use part of the profits from the patent to pay that person. Now, this may seem a bit suspicious, as it takes a while for an invention to be patented, but many online sources claim this is the case. Hunt received patent number 6281 on April 10, 1849, and Safety Pin Day, an unofficial holiday, occurred on its anniversary. It is believed he sold the patent rights for $400 to W.R. Grace and Company, and can then pay the person to whom he owes. Another story is told that a businessman named Richardson agreed to pay $100 for a patent on the condition that Hunt would then have to transfer the patent back to him. Either way, Hunt sold the copyright and did not reap the greater financial rewards of the patent.

Hunt created the safety pin as an improvement on the "dress-pin", she wanted to prevent injury to her fingers and other body parts with these existing straight pins. He made it with a copper wire, about 8 inches long. The hub is coiled into a spring, and a shielded hook and a point at the ends. Springs tie the cord to the clasp, and the clasp protects the user and keeps the latch secure from coming off.

The same basic design that Hunt came up with is still in use today. Safety pins are commonly used to fasten fabrics and clothing but are also used as an accessory, jewelry, and in place of a ring for body piercing. It became associated with punk rock culture in the 1970s, worn on clothing and as earrings. Today, it is still used to pin bibs to runners' shirts, much more effectively than glue. In Ukraine, safety pins are placed inside children's clothes to ward off evil spirits. In Mexico, they are clamped near the belly of a pregnant woman, as this is believed to protect the child. In recent years, safety pins have even been associated with social and political messages, whether worn by women in India to combat harassment, to support immigrants in Britain or in the United States after the war. 2016 election

The precursor to the Hunt pin can be traced back millennia. Decorative clasps used to hold clothing together, called silk threads, appeared in Bronze Age Europe when the Mycenaeans began using them in the fourteenth century BC. The Romans continued to use them on togas planes, and the Etruscans used them on capes and skirts. When they are seen, they become more decorative and sophisticated and are made of gold, silver and bronze. They illustrate the difference in caste and not everyone can afford them. Today's safety pins are affordable to everyone, making it easy for everyone to celebrate today's holiday.

Walter Hunt, born in 1796, came up with many inventions, but often did not derive full economic benefit from them. His first patent, in 1826, was for a linen camcorder. Some of his other inventions were the repeating rifle, the fountain pen, and the knife sharpener. His most notable invention other than the tape needle was a sewing machine. In 1834, he built America's first sewing machine, which was also the first sewing machine with a pointed needle. However, he chose not to patent this invention because he thought it would take away the jobs of hand sewers.  Elias Howe patented a machine of a similar design in 1846. However, Saac Singer and several others copied Howe's design, leading to a subsequent court battle. In 1854, a decision was made that Hunt was the original inventor, however, Howe's patent was still valid because Howe never pursued it. Hunt passed away in 1859 of pneumonia when he was 62 years old, however, his legacy lives on with many inventions and also Safety Pin Day!

How to celebrate Safe Pin Day

On this day, celebrate the usefulness of this simple piece of string with as many creative uses as possible for it. It is a reminder to everyone to be grateful for all the little things in the world. On this day, you can also try to make some jewelry, dress up your outfit or create a piece of art. Spend this day doing something on your own that sparks your creativity. Post photos and share your thoughts on social media about Safe Pin Day using the hashtag #SafetyPinDay.


Safety Pin Day has been observed annually on April 10th.


Monday, April 10th, 2023

Wednesday, April 10th, 2024

Thursday, April 10th, 2025

Friday, April 10th, 2026

Saturday, April 10th, 2027

Also on Thursday, April 10th, 2025

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