Salvation Army Day

Salvation Army Day is observed next on Monday, March 10th, 2025 (265 days from today).

How many days until Salvation Army Day?


History of Salvation Army

Salvation Army was established in 1865 by the one-time minister of the Methodist Reformed Church William Booth and his wife Catherine Booth as the East London Christian Delegation and the name was given to in use until 1878. Army of Salvation has origin from an incident on May 19 and 20. William Booth wrote a letter and sent to Secretary George Scott Railton with content: "We are an army of volunteers." Bramwell Booth heard his father and said, "Volunteer! I'm not a volunteer, I'm normal!" Railton was instructed to replace the word "volunteer" with the word "salvation". The Salvation Army has its different flag and hymns, often set to popular and folk tunes sung in pubs. Booth and other soldiers in the "Army of God" would wear the Army's own uniform to meetings and work. He became "General" and his other ministers were given the appropriate ranks of "officers". The other members became "soldiers".

When William Booth was known as General, Catherine was known as "Mother of the Salvation Army". William Booth's initial motivation for The Salvation Army was to convert poor Londoners such as prostitutes, gamblers and alcoholics to Christianity, while Catherine spoke to the wealthier, for support finance their work. She also worked as a religious minister, which was abnormal at the time. The letter of the Christian Missionary Organization states that women have the same right to preach as men. William Booth described how the approach of organization: "Three’s best represent how the Army manages 'things from top to bottom': first, soup; second, soap; and last: salvation."

In 1880, the Salvation Army had firstly started in three different countries including Australia, Ireland, and the United States. Lifesavers departed for the United States in 1880, and when George Scott Railton and his group arrived, they began work at Harry Hill's Variety Theater on March 14, 1880. Ashbarrel Jimmie, who was drunkenness and then the judge sentenced him to join the Salvation Army, was one of the first remarkable leader. The New York Legion was formed as a result of Jimmys' rehabilitation. It is not always an Officer of the Salvation Army who starts the Salvation Army in a new country. Sometimes National Salvationists immigrate to other countries and begin as National Salvation Army under their own authority. When the first official officers arrived in Australia and the United States, they found Nationalist groups waiting for them and began to work together. Australia was the venue for Army social work beginning on December 8, 1883 with the establishment of a home for ex-convicts. In 1891, a farm in Hadleigh, Essex was founded by Booth, who were allowed to escape the overcrowded slums of London's East End. A farm with its own garden, orchard and milk production, provides training in basic construction trades and housework.

The main converts of the First Salvation Army were alcoholics, morphine addicts, prostitutes, and other "unpopular" people who were not welcome in polite Christian society, which helped spur push the Booths to establish their own churches. The Booths did not include the use of the sacraments (mainly baptism and Communion) in the Army form of worship, believing that many Christians relied on external signs of spiritual grace rather than into grace itself. Some people believed that members of Salvation Army do not drink alcohol, smoke, use illegal drugs, and gamble. Soldiers wear appropriate uniforms with each country in which they work; uniforms can be white, grey, navy, fawn and even styled like a sari in some areas. Everyone is welcomed to attend their meetings. Because the Salvation Army developed increasingly in the late 19th century, it generated the opposition in England. Protesters, grouped as the Skeleton Army, disrupted Salvation Army meetings and gatherings, with tactics such as stoning, bone, rat, and tar as well as animal attacks on members of the Salvation Army. Much of this is due to tavern owners losing money as the military opposes alcohol and targets people who frequent pubs and public houses.

The reputation of the US Salvation Army was improved a lot by some efforts during Galveston Hurricane in 1900 and the earthquake in San Francisco in 1906. The familiar use of bell ringers to call for donations from passersby "helping to perfect the American Christmas portrait." In the United States alone, more than 25,000 volunteers with red kettles were stationed near retail stores in the weeks leading up to Christmas to raise funds. The church remains a highly conspicuous and sometimes controversial presence in many parts of the world.

In 1994, the Chronicle of Charity published the results of the largest study of the popularity and reputation of charities and nonprofits. The Salvation Army's ranking is 4th out of more than 100 most popular charity/non-profit research organizations in the US.

Charity organization ranks the Salvation Army from "A-" to "A", showing a high level of financial performance and transparency of the organization.

Origin of Salvation Army Day

On March 10, 1880, Evangelist William Booth and his wife, Catherine, formed an organization known as the Salvation Army. This organization dedicated to helping people and spreading the word of God at the same time and was modeled on the British Army so William Booth called himself General William Booth, although he was not officially a general. It was ahead of its time in a way, women and men were equal in rank. At first, the job could be dangerous and many of its officers and soldiers were jailed and even killed. But they were absolutely dedicated to their cause and were recognized and applauded by President Grover Cleveland in 1886.

Organization of the Salvation Army:

  • Served 110,000 meals with the help of volunteers
  • Accommodate 160,000 people in emergency shelters
  • Receiving 74,000 people at its day centers
  • Care for 50 patients in its sanatorium
  • Reunite 40 missing people with loved ones through the Family Tracing Service.

How to celebrate Salvation Army Day

The best way to celebrate this day is to study and learn more about Salvation Army as well as the role of Salvation Army. You can read some stories and books to raise awareness about Salvation Army. Do not forget to share your celebration on the social media by using the hashtag # SalvationArmyDay.


Salvation Army Day has been observed annually on March 10th.


Friday, March 10th, 2023

Sunday, March 10th, 2024

Monday, March 10th, 2025

Tuesday, March 10th, 2026

Wednesday, March 10th, 2027

Also on Monday, March 10th, 2025

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