Slytherin Pride Day

Slytherin Pride Day is observed next on Friday, March 21st, 2025 (302 days from today).

How many days until Slytherin Pride Day?


If you are ambitious, very sharp, clever, achievement-oriented and tough leaders. You also develop a high instinct for self-preservation. This means that you are a Slytherin and you are often hesitant to act and you will consider the possible consequences before deciding clearly what to do. While some see these traits as something less than desirable, Slytherin Pride Day is your chance to celebrate the fact that you understand the difference between foolish bravery and wise prudence. Slytherin Pride Day is held annually on March 21 every year.

History of Slytherin Pride Day

If you're a fan of Harry Potter (and honestly, who isn't?), chances are you have mixed feelings about Slytherin House. The home of both Severus Snape and the Dark Lord, it should not be named, it's no surprise that it has something of a dubious reputation.

When Salazar decided to leave the school when conflicts began to arise with Godric, they had fierce magic battles with each other and ignited a war between the two houses. This story created long-standing controversy at Hogwarts and was the root of the enmity between two old friends, Salazar Slytherin and Godirc Gryffindor. It is also the source of the mutual aversion between the two most competitive houses in Hogwarts.

When Salazar left Hogwarts, he left behind the Chamber of Secrets, which his successor would later open the chamber door to and release what would purge Muggle-born wizards. The chamber was opened twice and the monster was slain a second time by Harry Potter in 1993. Salazar's view of this period may have been attributed to the suppression of witches and wizards at the hands of witches and wizards of muggles during that century.

To be honest their biggest setbacks are their aspirations for greatness and their rapidly developed survival skills that make them put survival above heroes any day of the week. Make no mistakes; a Slytherin is not one to be easily deceived; they won't think of you at every turn, plan so many steps in advance so that whatever you do is bound to benefit them and otherwise play a full role in masterminding your life. If you're lucky enough to have a Slytherin in your life, make sure you show them the respect they give them and know that when they seem to be doing something completely pointless, it's all possible fall into a larger scheme.

How to Celebrate Slytherin Pride Day

Let's start with the basics, shall we? Buy yourself a delicious cake with the Slytherin logo on it and then invite your friends to the Harry Potter marathon. In case you're wondering this is the perfect answer to any Harry Potter related holiday (ok, maybe another cake). You can also dress in Slytherin’s main color which is the necessary black and green, and otherwise show off the things that make Slytherin great. Board games, especially strategy-heavy ones, are another great way to engage your dodgy Slytherin friends and let everyone enjoy a great Slytherin Pride Day! (Unless they're big losers, in which case only the Slytherins among you are entitled to that).


Slytherin Pride Day has been observed annually on March 21st.


Tuesday, March 21st, 2023

Thursday, March 21st, 2024

Friday, March 21st, 2025

Saturday, March 21st, 2026

Sunday, March 21st, 2027

Also on Friday, March 21st, 2025

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