Thomas Crapper Day

Thomas Crapper Day is observed next on Monday, January 27th, 2025 (219 days from today).

How many days until Thomas Crapper Day?


January 27, 1910 was the death date of Thomas Crapper, founder of the company Thomas Crapper & Co. Ltd in 1866 in London. And every year January 27, is known as Thomas Crapper Day, in honor of Thomas Crapper and in memory of him.

Who is Thomas Crapper? And why do people honor and remember him?

Thomas Crapper, born in 1836 in Yorkshire, England, is said to be the inventor of the flush toilet. In fact, he did not invent the flush toilet but is said to have made great contributions to its development and distribution in modern society. By implementing a modern septic system that pumps dirty water out of the city, residents are less likely to get sick from bacteria found in human feces. So whether or not Thomas Crapper personally actually contributed to the practice of flushing toilets is up for debate, but flush toilets represent a huge leap to improving public health.

Most of us are using the toilet, no one thinks it appeared at any time. This constant item is attached to all families around the world. So, what is the current capacity of the toilet? The reason it appeared and how attached to humanity?

Toilets with water supply and drainage systems were in common use until the early 3rd century BC. Around 1596, Sir John Harrington - a servant of Elizabeth invented the flush toilet in the queen's palace.

However, the creative inventor had to end his career with this first invention. Because he couldn't stand the constant ridicule when his colleagues thought this was a silly and absurd device. Because in those days, defecation was not as important as it is today, and the structure was too sophisticated. But his inventions are still saved and developed.

In 1775, Inventor Alexander Cumming was granted the first patent for the toilet. His biggest innovation was the adoption of an S-shaped tube underneath the seat. The inside of the pipe contains water to prevent unpleasant odors from the drain from penetrating through the toilet. Since then, the toilet has become more known. Toilet products are now more applicable to life. People began to recognize the usefulness of toilets in daily life. At that time, the toilet was the most popular product in the bathroom of every family.

Then in the late 19th century, Thomas Crapper, the owner of the plumbing company, perfected this invention. He invented the faucet flushing system that we use today. Thomas Crapper is considered the father of the modern toilet. After that, the toilet was more widely accepted around the world. Researchers began to study its features. And modern toilets only really gained popularity when Thomas Crapper made a display of bathroom items in his collection. He did not hesitate to stand in front of everyone to explain and introduce about toilets that few people dared to do at that time. He was granted 3 patents on modern toilets and plumbing fixtures.

Obviously, Crapper was not the inventor of the modern toilet, but he did develop a very important detail in the flush that is the ball float – a mechanism that helps regulate the amount of water in the flush tank.

The name Crapper is also taken from the name of the equipment he trades in (although the word "crap" in English predates his birth centuries) and became popular in the United States during and after World War I. American infantrymen in World War I, unfamiliar with the relatively new invention, called the toilet "crappers" - because Crapper was a well-known brand in England and France - and then brought them home after the end of war.

It can be said that the toilet is one of the greatest inventions of mankind. It may not be as flashy as luxury designer bags or as smart as touchscreen phones, but it's an integral part of our daily lives.

Observing Thomas Crapper Day

To celebrate Thomas Crapper Day, your best way is to find an actual Crapper-branded toilet to use. And learn more about the biography and life of trader Thomas Crapper through publicly available channels.


Thomas Crapper Day has been observed annually on January 27th.


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