VCR Day is observed next on Wednesday, June 7th, 2023 (123 days from today).

How many days until VCR Day?


They were the hallmark of movie-watching in our youth, bringing home movies from our local Blockbuster for a night of fun and family entertainment. We huddled together around the huge cathode-ray tube TV in our living room, not even thinking about complaining about the occasional static that ran across the screen from a movie that was loved for re-watching. National VCR Day comes every year to remind us to take a moment to appreciate the technological nostalgia of years past.

Really the kids of the 90s who really had the full scope of VCR development and were the first to really grasp the concept of tape, recording, rewind and all of us. There are old VCR tapes containing all our favorite shows from the 90s.

History of National VCR Day

The video cassette recorder (also known as VCR) is considered as the most famous innovation in the history of technology. This is because there was a time when nearly every household in the United States owned a VCR. The first device was created by Norikazu Sawazaki in 1953, but the technology did not hit the market until 1956. In 1970, the innovation was introduced for household use.

It was during this time that the VCR wars began. Competitors introduced two different formats including Sony Betamax and JVC's VHS. Eventually, VHS took the lead, and by 1987, JVC held 90% of the $5.25 billion VCR market in the United States. It also spawned many VHS and video rental stores, contributing to the growth of local businesses.

This magical technology has a number of uses such as playing movies/videos, as well as recording programs and events that are broadcast on TV. In a time when there was no internet, recording TV shows for later playback was a joy for many people. Although the act of recording programs initially raised some concerns about copyright issues, perceptions changed when the Supreme Court ruled that the recording of 'fair' television programs in home in 1984. This ruling allowed millions of people across the country to create their own collections of movies and TV shows. In recognition of VCR's impact on the world, National VCR Day is celebrated every year.

Why is VCR so nostalgic?

VCR evokes a lot of emotions for us, and it's a feature that has taken a death hit in recent years, as video killed radio stars and digital kills video stars. Either way, it will remind most of us, millennia back, of the happy memories we had in the past, which is what makes this a great day to remember and celebrate. Please debate over who gets to record their favorite shows and have a VCR recorder on a Saturday night and who wants to watch their VCR tapes again. A never-ending battle, when it comes to daylight saving time, of course, that's a huge feat. Dad got on his knees trying to rewind the clock to make sure nothing was recorded too early or an hour too late! Well, the digital age has certainly made our lives a lot easier, but VCRs still hold a special place in our memories. They paved the way for a digital future, the ability to record and replay is no different from what we do now when we record on TiVo or when we pause or rewind live TV, The concept is definitely the same. Except now it's been done in a fraction of the time.

However, still need VCR? Well, that's definitely a fallback option, and most of us probably still have a VCR stored in a box somewhere buried deep in the attic, or maybe tucked away in a box in the house for storage, but most TVs won't be compatible with some of last year's cables and adapters, but there are ways.

Interesting Facts about VCR

  • The Young Teacher' is the first VCR movie. It's a Korean movie.
  • The best-selling VCR of all time is "The Lion King". It has sold 35 million copies.
  • Norikazu Sawazaki invented the first VCR in 1953. However, it was around 1956 when the public was introduced to the VCR.
  • There are more than 10 billion recorded videos across the country.
  • After the invention of DVD, the VCR craze slowed down. Around the 90s, DVD began to replace VCR with advanced technology.

How to celebrate National VCR Day

  • Rent your favorite movies

You have to do something special. It will be more special if you still have a VCR. If not, it is possible to rent your favorite movie or TV show. Now, if VHS is hard to find, you can use DVD. Furthermore, you can even rent or buy movies in digital format.

  • Watch old videos

Well, if you're not a movie person, you can still observe this day with a bang. In this case, viewing old recorded videos is the ideal solution. No matter it's about your kids or old friends, you can have a great time watching these recorded videos.

  • Post old recorded videos on social networks

Besides, you can share old recorded videos with your friends. Social media plays an important role in this case. It's the best way to celebrate this special day if you don't own a VCR. On the other hand, you can let your audience know about Video Recorder by posting old videos. It's a great way to spread the word.

  • Highlighting the development of technology

Although you are neither a movie buff nor a social media junkie, you can still have a hapy National VCR Day in a unique way. In this case, you can highlight the evolution of the technology and the history of the VCR. It may seem boring but you can have a great experience by learning new things. Moreover, you can also search something via internet.

  • Visit a video store

If you enjoy watching videos, movies, and TV shows, you should observe this day by visiting a video store. Today, the effect of video stores is slowing down. So you should discover something new. Besides exploring your local video store, you can learn a lot about VCRs and DVDs.

  • Record something from TV

To make this special day more fun, you can record something from the TV. It is a good idea if you want to celebrate this day with your kids. Moreover, you can also share the recorded video with your friends.

Finally, don't forget to share your experience with using the hashtag #NationalVCRDay or #VCRDay on social media.


VCR Day has been observed annually on June 7th.


Monday, June 7th, 2021

Tuesday, June 7th, 2022

Wednesday, June 7th, 2023

Friday, June 7th, 2024

Saturday, June 7th, 2025



Also on Wednesday, June 7th, 2023

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