Walk Around Things Day

Walk Around Things Day is observed next on Tuesday, April 4th, 2023 (4 days from today).

How many days until Walk Around Things Day?


Walk around Things Day is celebrated on April 4 every year. This day has two different views, one is taking the literal meaning of the day, i.e. walking around standing things as obstacles, for example, instead of walking across a park bench or a muddy pond, you can walk around them to avoid distractions and go for a peaceful walk. It just means walking around to get some exercise. Another metaphor for this day is to revolve around problems that get in the way. Sometimes it's better to ignore a problem than to deal with it, that way you will find peace and happiness. You can avoid unnecessary arguments, uncomfortable situations, and conditions beyond your control, and so on. Many problems in life are not worth fighting for, so you can just walk around them. However, be careful that you will avoid any problems. Since the exact reason for this day is unknown, it is up to each person to choose to celebrate the day however they want.

Origin of Walk around Things Day

Walking has gradually become a part of human life. Many archaeologists have discovered that even when humans were nomadic tribes, we used to walk great distances to stalk our prey (think Woolly Mammoths) and wait for them to fall asleep. Basically, walking is what we humans are best at physically. Although you are the slowest runners, the worst swimmers, walking is man's bread and butter.

Perhaps that is why in the Victorian era walking became one of the most popular sports in America and Europe until baseball usurped it. But individuals will bet big on whether walkers can cover the marathon distance and in what amount of time. After all, there's a reason why hiking is an Olympic sport.

Walk around Things Day on every April 4th is a holiday open to interpretation. Very little is known about this celebration, so we'll do our best to guide you through it.

Walk around Things Day can be seen in both figuratively and literally. Literally, a person will not walk through a puddle of water or mud; one will walk around it. One will not walk under stairs or on broken glass, one will walk around both.

Figuratively, a person will “go around” avoiding some problem or potential problems. One will also “go around” in order to prevent form arguments, or unwanted or uncomfortable conversations.

Another possible intention of this day is most likely taking a walk around things like the neighborhood, a park, or a shopping mall. While walking around, we can also go around the obstacles or structures that we encounter while walking. In the park, we can find a fountain or swing to walk around. At the mall, benches and planters make our walk become a little difficult. Of course, at home, we have all sorts of things that we are willing to go around. Sometimes the reason we go around these items is just avoidance like laundry or clutter. We can also walk around a sleeping pet.

How to celebrate Walk around Things Day

There are many options, from the simple 'walk around' method, where you can circle the Fire hydrant a few times for fun while walking to work, to exercise methods more conscious fitness is 'walking around you'd normally walk across as a shortcut to and from your favorite coffee shop.

There are a lot of days and affirmations that you will have to face challenges, and those are powerful and valid tactics. This day reminds us that sometimes you have to choose your battles, and sometimes the best way to deal with a situation is to simply not deal with it. However, let be careful with what you choose to get around, which is not a problem, but the path of wisdom!

Start with walking around literally everything, during your day, instead of passing things like power poles, office chairs, bedrooms, lampposts, or stop signs, make sure instead you complete a circle around each friend. You may find yourself walking longer to wherever you plan to go, but the health benefits you'll get and the joy you'll have when you'll burst out laughing at the weird looks others give you, which will not be able to make up for that! No one needs to know why you did it or you can tell them the secret and spread the special magic of this day.

You can also arrange fitness events for this day. Reach out to your manager the day before "Walk around Day" and see if they'd like to help you organize a healthy walk around construction day. At certain times of the day, you can arrange for groups or entire offices to walk around the block where your office is located. Waking up and moving makes everyone feel better and with nothing to re-energize after lunch, then go outside for some fresh air and exercise!

Then there's the 'Walk around Everything' part of the day that gets one thinking about the challenges one chooses. Walking around things doesn't have to be literal, you can choose to get around an issue by choosing not to specifically argue with someone. You may determine that all they really want is for you to agree with them and the conversation will be over in no time. You can then proceed with your day as planned, once you've "solved" the problem.

Walk around Things Day is a great opportunity to have a new look about our life. It's a great way to change things up from your usual routine by simply walking around things that you would normally pass by. Who knows what you'll discover right around your usual commute or what new solutions to problems will present themselves to you when you simply choose to walk around them? Take this amazing concept and the lessons it teaches you to the world, and take them for a fun walk!


Walk Around Things Day has been observed annually on April 4th.


Sunday, April 4th, 2021

Monday, April 4th, 2022

Tuesday, April 4th, 2023

Thursday, April 4th, 2024

Friday, April 4th, 2025

Also on Tuesday, April 4th, 2023

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