World Baking Day

World Baking Day is observed next on Sunday, May 21st, 2023 (113 days from today).

How many days until World Baking Day?


Cakes and other goods are baked on World Baking Day that shows our thanks, appreciation, and care to friends, family members, and colleagues.

Crackers, chewy macaroons, pretzels, pretty cupcakes, crispy toast… baking is an art this world wouldn't be the same without. Do you know anyone who can honestly say they don't have a deep and unconditional love for at least one of the above? We think not! World Baking Day is time to get to know that roll cake and prepare a delicious treat! Surprise your friends, colleagues, neighbors or loved ones with a delicious sweet or savory treat to let them know how much you care or just make something to enjoy in your own home. However, you decide to celebrate this day, make it unforgettable!

History of World Baking Day

World Baking Day was created by the folks at who decided it was the right time to spread the joy of baking around the world, especially to those who probably don't bake too often and don't have much experience with it. This day is meant to show everyone the joy of making a cake or a few cookies, and baking can be a great way to spend time with family and friends. Not to mention how much fun it would be to eat what you've made after you're done!

It's unbelievable how long we've managed to go without World Bakery Day. We have discovered evidence that baking has been around for over 14,000 years, proving that we can't live without it! In fact, the first bakers in Jordan created flatbreads, which they then wrapped around meat - likely the first sandwich in existence. Roman times saw the birth of the baker. Lovers of all things decadent, the Romans prized pastry chefs, and those who brought new baked goods to the world were once very popular at parties and feasts.

In Great Britain, in the Middle Ages, baking became commercial, with many commercial regulations and rules governing how bread was baked and sold. But everyone has to eat, so anyone with an oven can bake bread to feed their family. The delicious, mouth-watering cakes that we eat today began to appear for the upper echelons of society from the Middle Ages onwards.

Technology also helped to upgrade ovens to help bring better baked goods to the masses, especially in the nineteenth century. Food is also easier to maintain, so many people can order meats and dairy from around the country instead of relying on their own cows or chickens. The cans also create a new innovation for baking, as meat and vegetables can be canned and exported from places like Australia.

New baking innovations appeared during World War I and World War II. In America during the wars, baking flourished as people moved to America, and the allocation reveals an increasingly complex need for creativity. In the US, different flavors from around the world have arrived, from Italian cannolis to Mexican Tres Llee. When people could not find fat or eggs during the wars, Applesauce was born, which is still made today and used as a substitute for eggs and fat in pure baking.

The post-war rise in prosperity allowed baking to evolve into the dishes we love today, all of which culminated in the event. Enjoy the opportunity to bake, eat, and have fun with friends and family this day.

How to celebrate World Baking Day

You don't have to be a pastry chef specializing in delicious food to celebrate this holiday. All you need is some flour, sugar, butter, and a taste of it! One of the most important things about baking is that there are thousands upon thousands of recipes to choose from, so anyone is sure to find something to suit their taste. Are you a lover of all things from chocolate? Why not make some macaroons? For example, the Rocky Road Brownies connect the amount of chocolate with the crispiness of a walnut and the softness of a marshmallow. But perhaps the best news about macaroons is that almost all marzipan recipes can be made in just one bowl! If you're a lover of healthy foods, there's no reason to feel moved because there are plenty of baked goods that are really good for you, like apple cinnamon muffins or muffins and oatmeal, etc. Do you have a child who is getting knowledge about the world? Why not share the magic of baking with them by creating some creative finished cookies? The cherry thumb-shaped chocolate chip cookies, for example, are both comfortable and fun to make. Sugar cookies are also very easy to make and are fun when decorated with colorful ribbons and sprinkles. Or do you have a little more baking experience? If so, there are also plenty of torte recipes with which you can hone your baking skills. For example, Apricot Almond Torte, asks you to make macaroons. And who doesn't want to know how to make their perfect macaroons?

If you don't have time to bake, you can visit a local bakery instead of buying another pack of mass-produced sugar cookies, filled with preservatives but no flavor. Nothing is as relaxing as sitting back with a cup of coffee or tea and perhaps a book, enjoying a piece of cake. You can use hashtag #WorldBakingDay to post on social media.


World Baking Day has been observed the third Sunday in May.


Sunday, May 16th, 2021

Sunday, May 15th, 2022

Sunday, May 21st, 2023

Sunday, May 19th, 2024

Sunday, May 18th, 2025

Also on Sunday, May 21st, 2023

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