Answer Your Cat's Questions Day

Answer Your Cat's Questions Day is observed next on Wednesday, January 22nd, 2025 (214 days from today).

How many days until Answer Your Cat's Questions Day?


Cats - familiar animals in human life, they are a cute and lovely pet loved by people. However, there are many special things about the personality and characteristics of cats that we do not know. And January 22 every year is National Answer Your Cat's Questions Day, organized to help cat lovers and cat owners understand more about their cute cats, answer their questions. In a magical way, your cats are asking you to understand their actions and questions.

Cats also have subtle body language — their emotions show when their tails twitch, their fur is raised, and the position of their ears and mustaches. A purr is often (but not always) friendly and pleasant. They are often reliable signs if the cat is being friendly or indicate it is best to leave them alone.

Talking to cats is not as difficult as you think. Although cats are animals, they are very friendly and approachable. They always try to listen and understand their owners. Just by paying attention to the cat's behavior or eyes, you can tell what the cat wants. From there, it increases the close relationship between you and your pet.

Eye contact is the easiest way to understand each other. Just like humans, cat eyes speak to their mood. Some expressions of mood through eye contact with cats you can refer to.

When the pupils are dilated: They are feeling scared or excited, maybe also happy.

Cats look you in the eye: This is when they trust you and want to lean on you the most.

Cat blinks slowly: Feeling reassured and comfortable.

Eyes wide open, staring without blinking: When you meet such cats, be careful because they are highly focused on preparing for an attack!

Tails with cats are not only for shaping direction, keeping balance. Cats also show affection through tail wagging movements. Therefore, in addition to the eyes, you can also watch the cat's behavior through the movement of the tail to guess what they are wanting.

A cat's tail is straight and curved at the end: This is how cats show that they are feeling happy and excited.

Tail twitching: When you see a cat's tail twitch, it means they are excited or on the other extreme, they are panicking. So, when you see a cat's tail twitch, you need to find out the cause to understand what the baby wants.

Tails fluttering: She's really excited. Give her whatever she wants to keep her spirits high.

Upside down tail, curved end: You will see this situation when a cat is trying to attack another cat. It is best at this time that you should stay away from cats or not startle them, because then, cats will tend to attack people to startle them.

The tail feathers stand up but the tail swoops low: The cat is alert to everything around. This is a pretty natural move when your baby senses that something is dangerous or wrong around him.

Tail swoops low: This is when your baby is feeling scared. The best thing you can do is reassure your cat so she doesn't feel lonely.

If you have been keeping cats for a long time, you will find that they are always making physical actions to try to communicate with us. Specifically, in addition to sending messages through eyes and tails, cats always try to communicate with people through their body language.

Cat face up, head slightly tilted: greeting sign.

The ears are slightly tilted back: feeling stressed or scared can also be happy or excited.

Lick your lower lip with your tongue: anxiety or fear.

Cats brush their hair on their owners: this is an action that cats only do with people they are familiar with. Show close relationship.

Head towards you, nose to you: trust in the owner.

Walking in a circle, wagging tail when meeting people or animals’ means greeting.

Head bowed and shaken: being happy or in love with something.

When cats bite and take no further action: they need quiet, do not disturb.

When biting gently combined with paws: This action means they are trying to play with you.

You see cats meowing all the time, whether at people or with other pets. However, if you pay close attention, you will see that cat meows will have different tones in each context and have very different meanings.

When a cat meows definitively: Greeting.

Meow many times: Hello but in a very high mood.

Meows many times, not clear, voice is not high, not low: Hungry and wants to eat.

Long, low-pitched meowing: Expresses displeasure, annoyance, potential for war.

When you see a cat purring or purring… unclearly accompanied by a shivering body, the pet may be feeling anxious and scared.

Hissing meowwww: sudden response to pain.

The important thing when talking to cats is not to yell at them, but to express satisfaction or dissatisfaction through the way the spoken language is conveyed. More specifically, a high voice indicates satisfaction and a low voice indicates dissatisfaction. Along with words, show actions such as shaking your head, waving your hand when the cat does something wrong. Smile and pet them when they do well.

Cats are a very intelligent species, in addition to signaling your baby with actions, you can completely use words. Regularly confiding, talking to your cat will help them understand you. Talk to them like you're talking to a human. After only a few times, the cat will fully understand what you want to convey.

Remember, absolutely do not scold even when your cat is wrong or when you are angry. This will make the cat very afraid and avoid you.

History of Answer your Cat's Question Day

Answer Your Cat's Questions Day was founded by the couple Ruth Roy and Thomas Roy. They created this day with the purpose of creating an opportunity for people to better understand cats as well as encouraging pet owners to try to understand their lovely cats, build a good relationship between humans and cats.

How to observe the Answer Your Cat's Questions Day

To organize your cat's question-answer day, there are many ways you can do it.

First, this day does not require you to do outdoor activities, you just need to stay indoors and play with your cat. Simply lie on the couch and watch your cat walk around and play around in the house. Try to understand what they want. By looking at their tail, their eyes, or their body then respond to their actions and see if you did the right thing.

Alternatively, you can take a video of your cats. Hug them and see how they act. Thereby learn more about them. Or visit forums, social networking sites to learn more cat videos to better understand your pet.

Besides, you can also invite their feline friends to your house and have a cat party. Take a look at your pet cats, and discuss what they really want.

To celebrate your cat's Answers Day, share moments of mutual understanding between you and your cat on social media with the hashtag #AnswerYourCat'sQuestionsDay.


Answer Your Cat's Questions Day has been observed annually on January 22nd.


Sunday, January 22nd, 2023

Monday, January 22nd, 2024

Wednesday, January 22nd, 2025

Thursday, January 22nd, 2026

Friday, January 22nd, 2027

Also on Wednesday, January 22nd, 2025

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