Chinese Language Day

Chinese Language Day is observed next on Sunday, April 20th, 2025 (363 days from today).

How many days until Chinese Language Day?


Chinese Language Day on April 20th every year was celebrated by the United Nations in order to honor the contribution of Chinese literature, poetry and language in world culture.

It is believed that Chinese is one of the most complicated languages in the world. However, it is deeply rooted in history since thousands years. So who did create the Chinese language?

How did it last so long? What is so important about the Chinese language? Chinese Language Day is a day about learning about some interesting information of Chinese such as history and spread it to others.

History of Chinese Language Day

The Chinese language has born for thousands years. The Chinese language formed Sino-Tibetian words. Due to its complexity, its origins are unknown as to when it separated itself from that family. However, it is believed that Cangjie is the origin of the Chinese language.

They were among the first official historians to invent kanji when the Emperor was just beginning his reign. However, there were some different dialects formed throughout China's provinces. Much of the influence of Middle Chinese, spoken between the early and mid-11th centuries BC, is not seen much in modern Chinese.

During the Sui, Tang, and Song dynasties or from the 7th to 10th centuries AD, it may have been easier to connect with modern Chinese languages. Distinct writing styles can be noted by historians during the centuries of service to the Emperors.

Chinese Language Day is celebrated on this day in honor of Cangjie. Founded by the United Nations, this day also commemorates multilingualism and cultural diversity.

To educate people about the history of the Chinese language, it was created as an official language of the United Nations in 1946. In 1973, the General Assembly adopted Chinese as the working language.

Today, many members of the United Nations use Chinese as a functional language. Chinese Language Day also gives a chance for people around the world to know about the benefits of learning Chinese.

Some reasons for Chinese Language Day being loved

  • We can show our gratitude to Chinese language by saying thank

It's the day we have to say "xiexie" (thank you) for the wonderful things China has given us. Like pasta? It comes from Italy, but the noodles (the important part) are of Chinese origin. We can thank China for inventing paper. Who can live without it? Also, do you like Earl Gray tea? Captain Picard did. Despite the name, tea originated in Imperial China. Think of all that on Chinese Language Day.

  • China has several options

China can claim 11 languages ​​- grouping related languages ​​together - with Mandarin being the national language. In addition, the Chinese speak more than 1,500 different dialects.

  • Chinese-speaking stars

Chinese movie stars play rock, and they speak Chinese. Jackie Chan is said to be the funniest stuntman in the world and Jet Li is the most famous martial artist in the world. Duong Tu Quynh is a gorgeous and deadly Bond girl. Zhang Ziyi has starred in some great movies. Fact is a fact: some of the most stylish people in the world speak Chinese.

How to celebrate Chinese Language Day

  • Learn Chinese

To speak "Thank you" you say, "xiexie" in Chinese. Written phonetically, it is similar to "she-ye she-ye." Just say it all together as one word. Easy isn't it? Now you know some Chinese!

  • Visit a Chinese restaurant

Most people have a favorite Chinese dish, but if you don't have one, try Peking duck. You've probably never tasted anything like it. Then, at the end of your meal with a taste of nirvana, you can prove yourself a citizen of the world by thanking your waiter - in Chinese, of course.

  • Watch Chinese movies

You're lucky. Some of the movies with the best pictures in the world come from China. "Crouching tiger, hidden dragon" is the first suggestion for you. After being good at Mandarin sounds, you'll have a whole new genre with thousands of movies to explore on Chinese Language Day.


Chinese Language Day has been observed annually on April 20th.


Thursday, April 20th, 2023

Saturday, April 20th, 2024

Sunday, April 20th, 2025

Monday, April 20th, 2026

Tuesday, April 20th, 2027

Also on Sunday, April 20th, 2025

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