Debunking Day

Debunking Day is observed next on Tuesday, March 11th, 2025 (269 days from today).

How many days until Debunking Day?


Debunking Day is annually celebrated on March 11th. There are too many false claims and assertions, too many exaggerated facts, and countless myths and fake news everywhere that we debunk. Is there a particular lie that upsets you? Debunking Day gives people the chance to set a record for whatever misinformation and inaccuracies are troubling them the most. There needs to be a little more truth in the world after today because many untruths will be exposed.

Spend the day debunking inaccurate or misleading claims and assertions or myths that annoy you the most. There may be a longstanding lie in a group of friends or in your family. Or maybe there's a political truth you've seen online and can't let go of anymore. Whatever it is, remove it today for a more authentic tomorrow.

So, to celebrate the launch, I decided to take the Sun Web Infrastructure Destruction Challenge.

This is actually a pretty easy thing to learn from my personal experience. I'm actually a bit surprised that this is actually such a myth for the competition that it seems so easily debunked.

I've architected a website and a few Java Enterprise apps in the past, it's pretty much a full-blown Sun solution with a few exceptions. It runs on Sun v120, Solaris 10 (in a region anyway) and a Sun Application server. The backend is a Microsoft SQL server, which has a Microsoft database on Windows. Authenticate against IBM's Domino server (if you really want to know what ownership means). I am aware that in the future the infrastructure requirements may change and they have changed. Applications and websites must be moved from the Sparc server to the Windows Server running under VMware. One of them is that the client wants to move to JBoss if that's not a big deal. So no more Sun hardware, from Sun's OS and no longer on Sun's application server. So how much effort do you think this took? Except for one problem, it took a few hours. HAVE HOURS to move. I believe that it would be more quickly if I could cooperated with JBoss. How many other companies out there make it easy for you to leave their platform? However, I know what you're thinking, what about that? It's another issue is a custom built JAAS module that I built to authenticate against the Lotus Domino server. That took me about a day to rewrite the custom module. But it's not the fault of Sun's architecture but rather the Domino server's failure to follow standards (now there's a company that knows how to lock you down! :-)). So even with the problem I had, the migration was faster than anyone could have imagined.

Are Sun Web Solutions Proprietary? I'd say the legend has fallen.


Debunking Day has been observed annually on March 11th.


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