Earmuff Day

Earmuff Day is observed next on Thursday, March 13th, 2025 (326 days from today).

How many days until Earmuff Day?


Earmuff Day is celebrated on March 13 every year. Chester Greenwood's "Ear Mufflers" Patent Day was issued on March 13, 1977. It's also a day to remind you that early spring weather is unpredictable. Chester Greenwood was a brilliant inventor, but he is primarily known for inventing the earplug. Therefore, March 13 is the perfect day to honor Chester Greenwoods invention and contribution.

Why Earmuff Day?

The origin of this date has an interesting history behind it. As we all know that necessity is the root of every invention. In the mid-1800s, a fifteen-year-old boy, Chester Greenwood, spent his days skating and froze to death from the cold. He wanted a way to keep his ears warm in cold weather. So Mr. Greenwood came up with the idea, and with the help of his grandmother, he sewed tufts of feathers between loops of wire. This is how "Earmuffs" are created.

He received a patent for his creation on March 13, 1877. In the past, the only way to protect one's ears in cold weather was to wear a hat, earplugs or earmuffs. But we all know and have experienced how this amazing creation outperforms the competition in keeping our ears warm.

Mr. Greenwood did not know how this innocent invention proved to be beneficial for millions of people around the world living in cold regions. Do you remember, your childhood when your friends used to tease you for wearing ugly masks. Thanks to this invention, we can replace that with something trendy and versatile in our winter fashions without looking like a joker.

Nowadays, earplugs are basically classified as a clothing accessory or PPE. Its construction usually consists of a pair or earpads connected by a curved band, usually made of metal or thermoplastic. It is most commonly used to keep the ears warm in cold weather, and therefore pads are made from fabric, foam or thermoplastic, or a combination of these materials. Earplugs are usually worn on a person's head or around the back of the head, like a headband. It comes in many colors and designs. Earpads come in a variety of shapes and sizes according to purpose and fashion.

Later earplugs also spurred the development of "soundproof earplugs". This is mostly used by construction workers around the world. This can also be used in one's daily life as it acts as a noise cancellation mechanism. These earmuffs offer various levels of sound canceling facilities according to one's needs. The maximum noise reduction rating (NRR) it has is about 33 decibels. It almost blocks the sound completely!

History of Earmuff Day

Early spring is often the last of the winter reign of terror, one moment you can bask in the glorious warmth of the returning sun, and the next it literally freezes over and the rain and snow is beating your poor ears into iceberg lettuce. Thankfully, guru Chester Greenwood has come up with this unreliable and easy-to-understand weather solution that lets you forego winter's hats for a much more comfortable and practical headgear a lot of. Chester Greenwood is the one who invented the specialized earmuff for the most notable purpose of which is the earmuff!

Now that Mr. Greenwood is simply looking for ways to keep our ears warm during the cold winter months, he couldn't have imagined that all the seemingly simple and innocent purposes for the headgear. This poem will be performed. Now the "earmuff" is called the "thermal earmuff", and has been combined with the "acoustic earmuff". In case that doesn't tell you right away what they are, these are heavy duty mufflers worn by construction site workers all over the world. These are much more effective than simple earplugs and really do save your ears!

Fun facts about National Earmuffs Day

Some fun tidbits to make you love this day and your earplugs even more!

  • Inventor Chester Greenwood had large protruding ears, no wonder he had to think of a way to keep them warm.
  • The first working prototype was made from beaver feathers and rope.
  • Farmington, Maine, is the Earmuff Capital of the World. Every year, this town, home of the inventor, celebrates this day with a parade on “Chester Greenwood Day”.
  • Greenwood opened an earmuff factory that, in 1883, produced nearly 50,000 pairs a year. This also employs workers in its area.
  • Greenwood has more than 100 patents, including folding beds, mouse traps using fake cheese, shock absorbers, and more.
  • In 2014, Healthcare Earmuff with Bluetooth feature was patented.
  • The European Patent Office has close to 293 patents, including the title of earmuffs or muffin tops.
  • The word "Earmuff" was first used as a single word in 1889.

How to celebrate Earmuff Day

Earmuff Day is celebrated simply by wearing your favorite Earmuff! There are millions of different styles and more ways to decorate and personalize them. You can also review them for purpose built protection! Just because you work hard all day on the job site doesn't mean you can't show a little personality with your choice of colors for the Acoustic Earmuffs, add a few stickers or even a personalized design. Humanize and Earmuff day will let you protect your ears from sound and cold while testing your stuff!


Earmuff Day has been observed annually on March 13th.


Monday, March 13th, 2023

Wednesday, March 13th, 2024

Thursday, March 13th, 2025

Friday, March 13th, 2026

Saturday, March 13th, 2027

Also on Thursday, March 13th, 2025

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