Gryffindor Pride Day

Gryffindor Pride Day is observed next on Saturday, March 22nd, 2025 (282 days from today).

How many days until Gryffindor Pride Day?


If you're a Harry Potter fan, are you a Sytherin, huflepuff or gryffindor person? If you have the courage, the audacity, the grit, the chivalry with the recklessness, then you are a true member of the Gryffindor family. House Gryffindor exalts the qualities of bravery as well as "boldness, courage, and spirit", and so the wizards of this house are generally considered brave, sometimes to the point of recklessness. They can also become impatient. It is notable that House Gryffindor is home to many members of Dumbledore's Army and the Order of the Phoenix, although this may be due to the intention of key members of the Order not to associate with other houses. And you'll always have reason to feel proud that you're a member of the Gryffindor family. Gryffindor Pride Day is for you and those like you. Gryffindor Pride Day is celebrated every year on March 21, this day is an opportunity for you to meet members of your community and show how proud you are to be gryffindor.

On Gryffindor Pride Day, you have the opportunity to learn about Gryffindor's distinctive personalities and symbols. Gryffindor is a gathering place of brave, daring, sometimes reckless wizards. Gryffindor was founded by Godric Gryffindor. The traits that Godric values ​​most are courage, chivalry, and morale. These are also the required traits to become a member of the Gryffindor family.

The animal symbolizing the house of Gryffindor is the lion, an extremely brave animal, the main colors of the house are bright red and yellow. "Nick nearly lost his head" is known as the house Gryffindor ghost. The element that symbolizes this house is fire and rubies are the gems used to score Gryffindor house.

History of Gryffindor Pride Day

Gryffindors are some of the bravest, most heroic, most selfless people you will ever meet. For them, the whole world is just a great opportunity to sacrifice themselves in the most glorious way so that they are remembered by everyone. Okay, put it that way, maybe they have a bit of an ego problem, but we're not against them. House Gryffindor was founded by Godric Gryffindor and took the Lion as its symbol, and therefore wth this house often focuses on courage, strength, enthusiasm and extra daring.

Seriously, when you are having trouble with anything like being tied down, or even being hunted by a Dark Lord, there is no doubt someone you will want to call for help, is a Gryffindor. No matter what they are doing, they will drop everything to come and help save you from your troubles.

So when Gryffindor Pride Day comes, this is the perfect time to honor all your favorite Gryffindor friends. Or if you are a Slytherin, tricking your Gryffindor friends into being some stupid hero will inevitably lead to a false, the wrong death, but utterly memorable.

How to Celebrate Gryffindor Pride Day

Always proud of gryffindor, you and people like you can organize get-togethers. Dressed up with a red scarf, in the typical Gryffindor colors, it's time to make some swords out of foam and duct tape and get back and play in the yard! And of course, when celebrating Gryffindor Pride Day, an indispensable wvent is the mandatory Harry Potter marathon. Please take the time to enter this contest.

Or if you don’t know how you are, you can register to join the Harry Potter Fab Club and do the test to find how you are. Remember that when you post on social media, use hashtag #GryffindorPrideDay to tell with everyone how proud you are to be a Gryffindor. If you let Gryffindor Pride Day go by without thanking the wonderful people in your life who have always been your heroes when you needed them, this is very pity!


Gryffindor Pride Day has been observed annually on March 22nd.


Wednesday, March 22nd, 2023

Friday, March 22nd, 2024

Saturday, March 22nd, 2025

Sunday, March 22nd, 2026

Monday, March 22nd, 2027

Also on Saturday, March 22nd, 2025

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