Buzzard Day

(Also known as Buzzard Sunday, Hinckley Buzzard Day, Hinckley Buzzard Sunday, National Buzzard Day)

Buzzard Day is observed next on Sunday, March 16th, 2025 (293 days from today).

How many days until Buzzard Day?


As spring approaches, many people tend to celebrate the warmth of the season in different ways. For some, spring brings with it an interesting (albeit odd) pastime: bird watching.

However, some people who are extremely avid birdwatchers are not interested in any birds. On the long return journey back from their southward migration of the buzzards during the winter is very interesting.  The buzzards returning from the long journey have brought endless fascination to special bird watchers. The anniversary of this day is Buzzard Day, usually celebrated on March 21, a day that celebrates the long return of these birds to their nesting grounds in early spring each year.

The buzzard, commonly found in North America, Scandinavia and even the Mediterranean, is a species of vulture protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918 in the United States. Vultures, such as buzzards and especially buzzards, are in great need of protection because, as we all know, scavengers help balance the ecosystem, helping to remove carrion polluting the environment. And scavengers, especially buzzards, they have a direct impact on the ecosystem as well as can have negative impact on human health.

For the most part, these day-specific buzzards make their home in the border areas of Canada and the northern United States during the warmer months, and then tend to migrate in the colder months to warmer climates in places like South America and the Caribbean.

History of Buzzards Day

Buzzards Day is specially celebrated for turkey vultures return near the beginning of spring each year, since turkey vultures are also migratory birds. The holiday is celebrated especially in the state of Ohio. In particular, the northeastern Ohio town of Hinckley has, by all means, a local history associated with these often underrated scavengers.

In 1957, Walter Nawalaniec, a Cleveland Metroparks patrolman, told Cleveland Press reporter Robert Bordner and local historian, Eunice Morton of Richfield, that he had tracked the arrival of the birds on the right day in March for the past six years. Although he knows that the buzzards come back at the same time every year, he thinks it's interesting that they come back on the same calendar day – even in a Leap Year!

When news spread that year, more than 9,000 visitors came to Cleveland Metropark to watch the buzzards fly into the area the following spring. These birds are believed to have arrived in Ohio over the past 150 years. With a terrain of Rocky Mountains, open fields, and forests, all of these are ideal places for these buzzards ro breedm and because of that, it seems that the buzzards love the area so much.

Buzzards Day fans tend to enjoy the day by enjoying hot pancakes and hot dogs, a standard breakfast staple, a tradition coined by the Chamber of Commerce as a way to welcome the little ones of this bird and welcome the first spring to come.

While there is an overlap with March 15, which is known to be associated with the return of the buzzards, in 1957 the day of the buzzards or Buzzards Day was fixed to take place on the Sunday follwing this return. However, this Chamber of Commerce breakfast is now held on Buzzards Day due to tourist popularity. But if there's some question about that, you can also skip breakfast of sausages and pancakes on both days: March 15 and the following Sunday!

How to Celebrate Buzzards Day

While this is an admittedly only day, among other days, and because this day is special, not everyone knows, so that the good news is that it is an easy day to be the first among friends to know. Buzzards Day, for the most unexpected groups of people, can be quirky enough to become an annual celebration tradition.

You are encouraged to come up with unique and creative ideas to observe the Buzzards. Besides consider these ways to celebrate this day:

Traditional Buzzard Breakfast

Celebrate Buzzard's Day by eating some pancakes and hot dogs for breakfast or brunch. Stay indoors and cook up a delicious pancake breakfast at home, or head to a local eatery that serves a traditional American hot dog and pancake breakfast.

Take part in the Hinckley Ohio Eagle Festival

Those interested can also join in by taking a mid-March road trip to the Hinckley festival to see the buzzards migrating northward after their long trek. In the morning or early afternoon of Buzzard Day, you are encouraged to head to the rocky Hinckley Reserve near Lake Hinckley. In Hinckley Sanctuary, there are festivals, and other small-town festivals include bird hiking, crafts, displays, songs, skits and plays, and contests all around the buzzard theme.

Learn more about Buzzards

If you want to learn more about Buzzard, then spend some time researching some of these fascinating facts about these scavengers and share them with your friends.

Share your Buzzard Day on medial social with hashtag #NationalBuzzardDay.


Buzzard Day has been observed the Sunday after March 15th (since 1957).


Sunday, March 19th, 2023

Sunday, March 17th, 2024

Sunday, March 16th, 2025

Sunday, March 22nd, 2026

Sunday, March 21st, 2027

Also on Sunday, March 16th, 2025

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