International ASMR Day

(Also known as International Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response Day)

International ASMR Day is observed next on Wednesday, April 9th, 2025 (353 days from today).

How many days until International ASMR Day?


ASMR is currently becoming a trend when many YouTube players continuously release videos with whispering voices, knocking objects, pouring water ... If you are also wondering what ASMR is and how it affects you Whatever your health, International ASMR Day held every year on April 9 is a great day for you. If you are interested by the sound of the rain falling, the sound of rustling when turning the pages of a book… You will be surprised to know that many people have used the familiar sounds of life to bring pleasure. International ASMR Day aims to spread awareness about a perceptual phenomenon known as Sensory Autonomic Meridian Response.

ASMR is an acronym for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, which roughly translates to independent orgasmic response. ASMR refers to a shivering sensation in the head or neck after receiving certain stimuli such as soft sounds or repeated touches. Many people find this shivering very relaxing and somewhat euphoric. The ASMR effect is sometimes compared to an orgasm.

 Not the same as the shivering feeling you get when you listen to good music, the tingling sensation of ASMR is lighter. When listening to a song you like, the feeling of refreshing, shivering spreads throughout the body at the same time. The head and neck and can sometimes spread to the arms and legs are the tingling sensation of ASMR that often begins. Furthermore, ASMR often occurs all at once instead of in waves.

History of International ASMR Day

In 2012, an ASMR video producer named KellyMsAutumnRed started a social media conversation about having an ASMR anniversary. She and other ASMR video makers launched International ASMR Day. They set a date for April 9, and held their first event in 2012.

Scientists are just beginning to study ASMR. In fact, the effect of this effect is still a mystery. However, some of the obvious health benefits of ASMR that has been verified include:

Nerve relaxation

This is the biggest effect of ASMR. When you relax, you can be more discerning in solving problems in life. However, as ASMR effect fades after a few hours, ASMR only induces temporary relaxation.

Improve health

More than just psychological improvement, ASMR also improves physical health by improving blood circulation, digestive system and can help you lose weight.

Helps to fall asleep

For those with insomnia, the relaxing feeling from the ASMR effect can help you fall asleep easier. The scientists found an interesting fact in one study that most people prefer to watch ASMR videos before going to bed.

Improve depression

The results of one study looked at the mood-altering benefits of ASMR indicated that those who experienced ASMR had improved symptoms of depression. Some people have gotten even more creative by combining ASMR sound with meditation to better treat depression.

Sometimes, what make you "happy" unexpectedly can come from the sounds, gentle touches that sometimes create effects. If you are looking for a way to help yourself sleep better, reduce stress or are simply curious, try once with the ASMR effect to know what ASMR means.

Online communities first began reporting episodes of ASMR in 2010. It is not known exactly how many people experience ASMR. According to one study, between 20 and 70 percent of the population experiences ASMR. Those who have never felt this feeling will find it hard to believe that it is real.

People who have had episodes of ASMR find a sense of relaxation. As a result, many companies have made ASMR videos targeting this specific audience. These videos include people sorting baseball cards and slowly folding towels. Other videos are role-playing situations in which the presenter simulates the act of cutting hair or beautifying the viewer. ASMR experiencers also adore certain artists, such as Billie Eilish, who often sings in a soft whisper. ASMR promoters say that videos containing these elements can help people reduce stress and sleep better.

How to observe International ASMR Day

On this day, people undergoing ASMR educate others on why they may have a tingling sensation but are not sure what it is. People with ASMR also share their stories and promote awareness of the phenomenon. To take part in, learn more about ASMR and there are many videos about ASMR you can watch by ASMR content creators.

The ASMR effect is now curious and gradually popular, so there are quite a few people who have recorded videos explaining what ASMR is with sounds that can create ASMR effects for listeners. You can refer to some popular sounds that create ASMR effects on YouTube including:

 • Whisper: This is one of the most common ASMR sounds and also has the most obvious effect, especially in female voices. In ASMR videos, often the creator just whispers for better effect.

 • Light scratching or tapping: This is the sound of the video maker tapping on the table, book, glass of water or lightly scratching the recording mic.

 • The sound of flipping books: This is a sound that not everyone likes to hear it but it can create ASMR quite well.

 In addition to the above common sounds, some sounds also create ASMR such as:

Sound of rain

The sound of pouring water

Towel folding sound

The sound of chewing food

The sound of dry leaves or the sound of biting on an apple

 Not only sound but another agent such as playing with hair, touching hands, watching other people draw... can create ASMR effects.

Everyone has different preferences about ASMR triggers. A sound or an image may work in one person but not in another. However, the triggers are usually soft and repetitive sounds.

Don't be shy to share your favorite ASMR kind and favorite ASMR videos on social media with #InternationalASMRDay!


International ASMR Day has been observed annually on April 9th.


Sunday, April 9th, 2023

Tuesday, April 9th, 2024

Wednesday, April 9th, 2025

Thursday, April 9th, 2026

Friday, April 9th, 2027

Founded by

KellyMSAutumnRed on March 9th, 2012

Also on Wednesday, April 9th, 2025

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