International Book Giving Day

International Book Giving Day is observed next on Friday, February 14th, 2025 (308 days from today).

How many days until International Book Giving Day?


February 14 every year is International Book Giving Day. The purpose of this day is to get books into the hands of as many children as possible. The volunteer initiative also seeks to increase children's accessibility and enthusiasm for books.

History of International Book Giving Day

In fact, everyone loves to give and receive gifts.There's no denying that special moment when you receive a wrapped package and find out what's inside. Or, as a gift giver, when you look at your loved one as they smile and open a gift for you. This day is dedicated to instilling a lifelong love of reading, especially in children, and providing books for children in need.

This day originally started in Great Britain. Over the years, however, the day has spread and book lovers all over the world have now joined in the celebration. The holiday was started by Amy Broadmoore and her son, through Delightful Children's Books, who conceived the original idea in 2012, after seeing a need for children's books in under-funded areas. The mother-daughter duo then worked with Zoe Toft to develop the day. After creating the event and working to develop celebrations and incentives, they passed the date over to Emma Perry in 2013, who now runs the day's website. The website identifies the day as "a 100% volunteer initiative to increase children's accessibility and enthusiasm for books."

While Book Giving Day doesn't host large organized events, it instead encourages volunteers to act on their own goodwill. Volunteers, or holiday organizers, are encouraged to give a book to the children. This book could be your favorite book, one you haven't read yet, or one you think a child will enjoy. The day is now officially celebrated in over 44 countries, with six of the seven continents participating!

Benefits of Books

Through many studies, scientists have proven the benefits of both books and reading aloud for people of all ages, but especially for children. One of the biggest benefits is the bond formed by reading. Children are often shown to form warmer and stronger emotional bonds with people who read to them. By creating a reading ritual for your child, you can create a strong bond and create lasting memories for them.

Moreover, books also provide benefits about psychology and perception. Books, more than any other form of media, are proven to be the most fundamental foundation for children's language development. Children who are encouraged to read develop larger vocabulary at a faster rate. Books are also proven to develop critical thinking in children. When children just read, (read aloud alone or in their heads), they can develop stronger critical thinking skills and develop social cues and emotional intelligence. Children's imaginations are also nurtured when they can experience different worlds through the lens of a book.

Books are not only beneficial for children but also beneficial for all ages. Regular readers are shown to have higher social-emotional intelligence, faster decision-making times, better self-expression and vocabulary. Books can provide us with better moral and ethical perspectives and can challenge our ideas about the world (and expand on them). Reading gives us knowledge, creates questions, answers them and provides a great outlet – regardless of age!

How to celebrate International Book Giving Day

As mentioned above, today is all about giving a book to a friend, loved one, or child (as the date was originally intended). There are many ways you can celebrate this day! Consider giving books to your child or your friend's child or your family. If you're a parent or older sibling, consider giving your child or sibling a new book to read before bed. If you want to prolong this past today, consider buying a new children's book now and spending time with your family reading it!

If you don't have children of your own or want to expand your book donation, consider giving books away. Many book lovers around the world celebrate this day by donating new or used books to libraries, schools, foster homes or children's charities. If you're looking for an even more creative (and anonymous) way to follow the spirit of dedication, consider keeping books in one place for people to discover. Some people do this by leaving children's books in the doctor's office, waiting room, public transit, and other places.

Looking for more ways to get involved? Book Day organizers support the holiday by sharing stories about those gifting books around the world, as well as offering book giveaway bonuses, such as holiday bookshelves and other offers. You can find out about a variety of hashtags on social media, community events, and other offers at

Whether you're an avid reader or not, use today to fuel the imagination, creativity, and joy of reading in someone you love! So find a book – new, old or favorite – and give it or give it away to the one child in your life!


International Book Giving Day has been observed annually on February 14th.


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