International Hamburger Day

International Hamburger Day is observed next on Tuesday, May 28th, 2024 (34 days from today).

How many days until International Hamburger Day?


Every May 28, International Hamburger Day celebrates America’s most iconic food.

Let's face it! There is nothing in the world that's as exciting as your first greasy, juicy hamburger. Don't believe us? Is it one of the first popular vegan imitation meats? It is the Veggie Burger. Even vegetarians can't resist the taste of a delicious burger; they had to create an alternative so they wouldn't have to leave all that was good and right about the world in the past. International Hamburger Day celebrates the history of this irresistible burger.

But why are burgers so great? Well, it's really smart, it doesn't matter who you are, and there will be some form of burger for you. Unlike some popular dishes where you just get what you get, a hamburger can be designed and created for the person to eat.

In a strange way, a hamburger is like an art form that you chew on. While that last statement sounds crazy, it's far from it. If you sit and think about it, whenever you make a burger at home, you'll have specific ingredients you like to mix with your pate, and more than that, the burger Meat is one of the welcoming foods for OCD. What do we mean? Well, can you honestly say you're not worried if the cheese is misplaced?

The truth is, a burger is a popular food; it is a food that comes in many forms; it's a food that brings people together and ultimately a favorite. So if you really look at things from a logical perspective, hamburgers are not just food, they're pretty much the basis of a religion.

So the next time International Hamburger Day approaches and you find yourself craving a hamburger, don't rush into a simple pate. It's time to think big, think big, think about the power of pate and celebrate International Hamburger Day in style.

History of International Hamburger Day

A baked bun, beef patty, mustard, ketchup, onion, pickles, with optional cheese. Convenient, cheap and delicious, the world famous burgers have a long and uncertain history. No one is sure about the origin of the hamburger, other than that it is named after the town of Hamburg in Germany.

People have eaten cooked meat on bread for centuries, but the connection to Hamburg seems to date back to a 1758 recipe for a dish called "Hamburg Sausage". Others suggest that the name derives from a cruise company called Hamburg America Line, which served passengers similar sandwiches in the mid-1800s. To this day, little agrees on who actually created the iconic dish.

Many fast food and diner owners across the United States claim that their partnership is responsible for the invention of the burger. However, there seems to be some historians who agree that the dish as we know it today did indeed become popular at the 1904 World's Fair in St. Louis, an event that also brought us ice cream cones. As it happened, however, the hamburger has become one of the most widely consumed dishes in the world, found on menus from Texas to Thailand. They can be sold for a dollar a piece or made with gourmet ingredients that cost hundreds of dollars. However you decide to cut back, this day is for you. Turn on the grill, gather your friends and cook up some delicious burgers.

Tradition of International Hamburger Day

A juicy pate cooked to perfection, topped with your favorite seasonings and seasonings, and seasoned in a light toast. And don't forget the fries as a side dish. Ovens are lit, and family and friends gather to cook. All burger lovers advertise their tried and tested methods to create the 'best burger' and eat as they please.

Of course, the highlight of the day is the hamburger, so plenty of eateries are on board to put out their best burgers and offer great deals. Food marketing takes off as iconic burger franchises offer special versions of holiday burgers and bring limited editions of great deals from the past. A lot of people get out of their safe zone and try some different burgers. There are many varieties to choose from, from chicken burgers, buffalo burgers, vegetarian burgers and the latest in recent years, the 'Impossible Burger' with a completely meat-free filling!

We don't admit this very often, but some of our best memories have been shared over burger meals, first dates, coupons, and rewards at our boss's workplace, co-workers. Explore different sauces and condiments to create the perfect burger. These traditions are revisited or continued on International Hamburger Day.

How to celebrate International Hamburger Day

  • Fire up the grill

Of course! Place the chairs on the lawn, cool the cooler and start baking. The best way to enjoy International Hamburger Day is to make a homemade burger and then enjoy with friends and family.

  • Eat a gourmet burger

Enjoy it - many fine-dining establishments serve premium burgers on their menus. Sample a burger made with Wagyu beef or topped with gold leaf.

  • Drive over!

The fast food hamburger is almost synonymous with the food itself. Sometimes, you want it cheap and fast. Drop by your local snack bar and stock up on some cheap but delicious food.

Some reasons for International Hamburger Day being loved

  • It is delicious!

Do you need another reason? Burgers are popular for a reason; they taste great. Today is a great excuse to grab some delicious burgers.

  • It brings us closer

Burgers are synonymous with summer cooking and beach picnics. Bringing out the oven and offering to cook up some burgers is a great way to spend time with friends and family.

  • It is an opportunity for you to be creative in the kitchen

The recipe for the hamburger is so great. Why not having some fun with it? Let today be your chance to find all kinds of crazy burgers and have fun cooking.


International Hamburger Day has been observed annually on May 28th.


Saturday, May 28th, 2022

Sunday, May 28th, 2023

Tuesday, May 28th, 2024

Wednesday, May 28th, 2025

Thursday, May 28th, 2026

Also on Tuesday, May 28th, 2024

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